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I'm 13 and I'm in Freestyle 3 But i see people of all ages at the rink doing the same stuff as me so its just whenever you start skating.

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Q: What is the average age for a figure skater in freestyle 1?
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Who was Michelle kwan's favorite figure skater?

Michelle Kwan was inspired to become a figure skater at age 5 in 1985 by her older brother Ron. He played on a local hockey team.

What minimum age required for figure skater?

Figure skaters must have turned 15 by July 1 to become eligible for that season's senior level competitions. For junior level events, the minimum age is 13, but no older than 19.

What age does Michelle kwan becomes a skater?

she starts ice skating at age 5.

How do you play freestyle basketball?

above the age of 14 or 15

What is the average time for a 10 year old to do 50 meters freestyle?

Well, it depends on how hard and how many times a week they train. I have a 10 year old brother who swims 50 metres freestyle in 33 seconds, but he is a regional qualifier and is rather good for his age.

What is disco freestyle?

Freestyle Disco is a rapid dance performed by girls and boys from the age of 3 and up. It includes demanding skills and lots of practice:

What age is Katie Taylor?

Irish boxer Katie Taylor is 31 years old (born June 2, 1986).*Figure skater Katy Lynn Taylor was born October 22, 1989.

Who was the oldest olympic figure skater to win a gold silver or bronz medal?

Edgar Syers of Great Britain. Syers won the bronze medal in pairs (with his wife Madge as his partner) at the 1908 Games in London at the age of 45.

Who was and how old was the youngest Olympic figure skater?

I believe that would have been Cecilia Colledge, she was 11 years and three months old when she competed in the winter Olympics in Britain 1932. She died April/23/2008 at the age of 87.

What age did Michelle Kwan become a senior ice skater?

12 or 13 i believe

How did rob dyrdek become a pro skater at the age of 13?

he was really good when he was thirteen

Who is Sally Chea?

She is a Short Track Speed Skater, who at the age of around 15-13 went to Australia to skater at a World Championships. She skates at PWSC, where her father is head Coach.