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Mexican soccer players would not get near the average salary of English Premier League players.

the yearly salary for an average "very good player" player would be $40,000 0r £20,000 maybe considerably more for a top player,

*all the top Mexican players try their luck for a bigger salary in Europe*

This would be highly recommended for a player.

Europe is the best place in the world to play soccer but there is a problem going over there for some players. For example, if you are one of the best players in Mexico right now and you are on the starting line up, you can take more money in Europe but less playing time. To most soccer players it is more important to play on the field than for an extra amount of money. Giovanni Dos Santos is a good example. He is making alot of money over there but he is on a 2nd Division team.


The truth of the matter is that very few clubs in Mexico let you know their player salaries, this guy last answer said 40,000 dollars a year? for Europe? Jared Borgetti was payed by Santos Laguna 90,000 dlls a month and was one of the top paid players of the league at the time, I work for a second division soccer team in Mexico and our top player earns about 14,000 dlls a month, so I guess that more or less that is the average salary in first division, Mexican soccer salaries are very similar to European salaries wich is the main reason why not so many Mexican players go to Europe.

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Q: What is the average Mexican soccer league players salary?
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