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Obviously I am on here because I have a 8U son who pitches well. He is actually 8 turning 9 in mid September and throws strikes consistantly at 43mph. Yes, he hits 44-46 here and there but 8 times out of 10 the bushnell gun reads 43. He practices his mechanics every day and works with a pro which leads me to my point. There are not too many 8U pitchers in any one league who actually "pitch." There are kids who are just throwing and achieve both faster and slower speeds than my son. However, they have not learned to pitch so it's pointless to compare them. If I see a kid who pitches with at least halfway decent mechanics and he seems to repeat his motion while throwing strikes 75% of the time, I may make a comparison. This is why it's so hard to come up with an avg. pitching speed for this age group. With that said, my best guess would be that 40 for a kid who just turned 9 is average based on what I have seen. On his 9th birthday he throws 44 and can increase to 50 by the time he turns 10 while still throwing strikes, I think he would be considered tp 2%

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Q: What is the average 9u baseball pitching speed?
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