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It changes for every one. It depends on what you mean by average. a good competitive time is about a 1 minute.

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Q: What is the average 50m butterfly swim time?
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What is the world record for the 50m butterfly?

World Record 50m Butterfly: Roland Schoeman (South Africa) July 25, 2005 Time: 22.96

How long does it take to swim 50m on average?

For men the World record for 50m freestyle is under 21 seconds, while a reasonable club swimmer should be able to swim 50m freestyle in around 25 seconds. A good time for an average non-club swimmer should be around the 30 second mark

Who is fastest swimmer in 50m butterfly?

Steffen Deibler holds the world record in the 50m butterfly.

What is the average swimming time for 50m freestyle 14 year boy?

For the average 14-year old boy, I would say the average 50m free time would be about a 29.40 sec.

How do you improve your time for 50m freestyle?

Work on your sprints, breath control, and under water butterfly kick.

Why do they build 50m pools?

so that people can swim in them

What is the 50 m world record?

It depends on the swim stroke. For Freestyle, the fastest 50m world record is held by a US swimmer named Steve Crocker. The time is: 21.64. For Butterfly, the fastest 50m world record is held by UK swimmer Mark Foster, at 23.55. For Breaststroke, the 50m world record is held by Mark Warnecke of Germany, with a time of 27.00. And for Backstroke, the 50m world record is claimed by another US swimmer, Jeff Rouse, who swam it in just 24.37.

Which is the Fastest style among swimming competition?

The fastest stroke in swimming is frontcrawl as demonstrated by the 50m World Records below: 50m Frontcrawl = 20.94s 50m Butterfly = 22.43s 50m Backstroke = 24.33s 50m Breaststroke = 26.89s

What is the average speed of an object that travels 50m in 25 minutes?

Speed = distance/time interval = 50m/25min = 2m/min

What is average time for 16 year old to do 50m freestyle?

30.79 seconds

Who is malik mohanlal vargas?

A great swimmer in the 50m.100m freestyle and 50m.100m.200m butterfly. individual medley 200m

What is the average swimming time 50m freestyle for a 36 year old?

50 seconds

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