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Q: What is the asterisk wild card used for?
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What character such as an asterisk that is used as a substitute for characters in a file is called what?

wild card

Why asterisk symbol cannot be used as a windows file name?

Because an asterisk is designated as a wild card search character in database systems.

The term given to an asterisk or other character used to substitute for several characters in a file search?

Wild card

What are wild card?

A wild card is one which can have any value or suit in a game at the discretion of the whoever holds it.

What is the significance of the asterisk in the file system?

In many operating systems, an asterisk (*) in a file name is a wild card, matching any character or characters. For example, abc*.jpg will match abc.jpg, abc123.jpg, abcxyz.jpg, and abcr8ier93.jpg.

What is a Search engine that uses wild cards?

A "WILD CARD" is a character which is used to replace a single character, or a string of characters within or at the end of a word. Two wild card characters in use are: "*" (the asterisk symbol) and "?" (a question mark). For example: wom?n will retrieve both the words "woman" and "women", while bank* will retrieve bank, banks, banking, banker, bankrupt, etc.

Can an asterisk be used to correct grammar?

no, an asterisk cannot be used to correct grammar.

What ia an asterisk in math?

An asterisk is used for multiplication in math

Why is there a joker card if you don't use it?

it is sometimes used as a wild card and for games that need it

Where can someone purchase Asterisk knee braces?

Asterisk knee braces can be purchased online at the Asterisk website, and at online retailers BTO Sports, Amazon, MotoSport, and RevZilla. Used Asterisk knee braces can be purchased at Ebay.

Can a file name have a asterisk in Excel?

The asterisk is a special character and cannot be used in the names of any kind of file.

Does an asterisk go before or after a colon?

Depending on the situation or sentence in which it is used, a colon could go before or after an asterisk.