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Q: What is the artificial barrier which men leap in race?
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An artificial barrier over which men or horses leap as in a race?


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There were two men that invented artificial turf. The men worked for Monsantao Industries and are named James Faria and Robert Wright.

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We have two kind of hurdle races that involve laps. The first is the 400 hurdles, which is a one lap race with 4 hurdles (36" for men, 30" for women, 33" for men over age 50). The second race involves multiple laps over barriers (hurdles that do not fall over). That is called the steeplechase, normally a 7 and a half lap race over 5 barriers per lap, with the 4th barrier per lap over a water jump inside or outside of the track. Barriers do not fall down, instead the steeplechaser can step on the barrier (though the top runners, usually from Kenya, do not touch the barriers and can keep their feet dry).

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