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Football pitches vary in size. The maximum area would be GAY square meters.

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Q: What is the area of the Brazil 2014 football pitch?
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A football pitch and label?

a ply area for football pitch label

What is the area of a standard football pitch in square centimetres?

Since the dimensions of a standard football pitch are 10,500 x 6,800cm, and a standard football pitch is a rectangle, then 10,500 x 6,800 = 71,400,000, so the area is 71.4 million cm2.

What is the width of the penalty area on a football pitch?


What is the area of a football pitch?


What is the area of a standard football pitch?

The dimensions of a standard football pitch are 105 by 68 metres, so 105 x 68 = 7,140m2.

Is it true that an area of a rainforest the size of a football pitch is destroyed every second?


Size Area of football pitch?

depends, generally fields are 100ft-by-50ft

What metric unit would you use to measure area of a football pitch?

Metres squared

Where is the manager allowed on a football pitch?

The manager is only allowed on the bench(and in the bench area) and in the technical area during play or invited onto the pitch by the referee in exceptional circumstances (like if there is a fight or somthin)

What is the human alveolar surface area equivalent to eg half a football pitch or what?

Roughly a tennis court :}

How many meters is a football pitch?

The largest size of a full football pitch is 90m wide by 120m long. Multiply these two dimensions if you want the area (10,800 m²) :] :p By Husna

How many hectares is a full sized football pitch?

A maximum size football pitch is 120 x 90 metres. This is an area of 10 800 square metres; one hectare is 10 000 square metres. So a full size pitch could be 1.08 ha.

What is Brazil's total area?

Brazil's total area is 3.288 million square miles.

What is the equation area equals length multiplied by width used for?

The answer is in the question "area = length multiplied by width" the equation tells you what the surface area of something (eg a football pitch) is.

What is the area of Brazil?

The area of Brazil is 8,511,965 square kilometers (,3285,618 square miles)

Why Is it called six yard box on a football pitch?

Because it's area is six yards

What country is bigger Brazil or Germany?

Brazil Area Germany = 357,168 km2 (63rd largest in the world by area) Area Brazil = 8,515,767 km2 (5th largest in the world by area)

Brazil area and rank?

Brazil is the 5th largest country in the world in terms of both area and population.

What is the area code for Bahia Brazil?

The area code for Bahia Brazil is 71. Good luck on what you are doing!!

Which is bigger negeria or brazil?

Nigeria covers an area of 356,667 square miles. Brazil covers an area of 3,287,597 square miles. Therefore Brazil is larger.

Which country has largest land area Brazil or Australia?


Which country had the largest land area Australia or Brazil?


What area in Brazil would you find the Savannah?

in south brazil

What is the most densely populated area in Brazil?

The most densely populated area in Brazil is called Sao Paulo.

What is the area code in Brazil?

Brazil is a Country which is bigger than the United States in land mass. So when you ask what is the area code in Brazil, is the same as asking; what is the area code in the United States You need to frase your question better. The "country" code for Brazil is 55, as to the area code, it depends on where you are planning to call.