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The area of a tennis court is 350cm2

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Q: What is the area of a tennis court?
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What is the area of a singles tennis court?

What is the area of a singles tennis court?

Where is tennis is played?

It is played on a tennis court, which is a marked out area with a net used just for tennis.

How many square feet are in a tennis court?

There are 7200 square feet in a tennis court. A tennis court measures 120 feet over all court area by 60 feet wide.

What is the surface area of a tennis court?


What is the Surface area of small intestines?

About equal to a tennis court.

What is the surface area of your small intestine?

About equal to a tennis court.

What is a noun which means an area where tennis is played?

The noun for the place that tennis is played is a courtor the compound noun, tennis court.

What metric unit would you use for the area of a tennis court?


How many yards is a tennis court?

The area of a tennis court is 234 square yards. It is also 36 feet wide by 78 feet long.

How Much area is required for a Tennis Ground?

How much area is required for a Basket Ball Court

Where is the oldest tennis court?

the tennis court at Falkland palace royale tennis club in Scotland is the oldest tennis court

Which part of the body has a surface area about the same size as a tennis court?

The human lungs have roughly the same surface area as a tennis court if they were to be laid out. This is 2,808 square feet, or 260.87 square meters.

What is the Lenght of a tennis court?

what is the lenght of a tennis court

What is the name of a tennis court?

A tennis Court.:S

What is 'tennis court' when translated from English to French?

"Tennis court" in English is court de tennis in French.

What is the size of a tennis court including baseline area?

36' x 78'

Do you say A lighted tennis court or A lit tennis court?

You say "a lit tennis court." ex. Tennis courts are lit at night.

Where do the people on a tennis court stand?

Usually on the tennis court.

What makes a tennis court slow?

A tennis court does not move.

When was On-Court Tennis created?

On-Court Tennis was created in 1984.

When did On-Court Tennis happen?

On-Court Tennis happened in 1984.

How many meter long is lawn tennis field?

The court has a length of 23.77m (78 feet). There is no rule governing the length of the surrounding area of a lawn tennis court only the length of the court itself.

Where is the tennis court oath located?

The tennis court oath took place on an indoor tennis court in Versailles France

What are the dimensions of a small tennis court?

A singles tennis court is 78 feet long by 27 feet wide. For doubles, the court is 36 feet wide.The area need for a tennis court is 120' by 60' oriented north-south. A narrow court can be 120' - 55'. The link below has more details.

Where is tennis played at?

At a tennis court.