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Half of a football field

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Q: What is the area of a pro basketball court?
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What is the playing area of basketball?

a basketball court

How big is a pro basketball court?

really good

What is a basketball court?

A basketball court is a designated, usually concreted, area on which the game of basketball is played.

How far is it from the basketball hoop to the half court line on a pro regulation basketball court?

48 feet OH YEAH

What is the play area for basketball?

the court

What do you call the playing area of basketball?

The Court

Are pro basketball and college basketball courts the same size?

The 3 point line is farther on an NBA court.

How long is a college basketball court?

A college basketball court is usually 84 feet long. This is also the usual length of a high school court as well. A pro court is 94 feet in length.

How big is a pro basketball court in feet?

An NBA court is 94 feet long by 50 feet wide.

What is Jump Ball Area?

The jump ball area is in the centre of the basketball court.

What is a baseline on a basketball court?

The Out-of-bounds area under the Hoops. :)

Which basketball term is defined as the playing area for a game?


What is the surface area of a high school basketball court?


How much area would a basketball player have on a basketball court?

Share the ball, and be a good leader

What are some basketball related words that begin with the letter K?

key (area on the basketball court)

Would you measure the area of a basketball court or the length of a street using square meters?

Square meters are a measure of area, not length. Therefore you could use square meters to measure the area of a basketball court.

Basketball sizes college an pro?

basketball sizes for college and pro

What unit of area would you measure a basketball court with?

Square metre.

How do you call the shaded part of the basketball court?

The paint or the painted area

How do you find the area of a basketball court?

At my school I find the area of a basket ball court by turning left when I walk out of the locker room.

Whats the length and width of a pro basketball court?

The size of an NBA regulation court is 94 feet long by 50 feet wide.

Did the Titanic have basketball court?

No the titanic did not have a basketball court haha

Which sport had better television ratings in 2006 - pro football or pro basketball?

I think pro basketball.

Can you show me a basketball court?

This is a basketball court

When did All-Pro Basketball happen?

All-Pro Basketball happened in 1989.