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* Pit Road * Pit Lane * Pit Stall

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Q: What is the area called where racing cars go in for a pit stop?
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If a bunch of cars get into a crash during a race and they have to go into the pit stop while other cars are still racing what is that car called that goes onto the lanes with the undamaged cars?

I believe that the question is referring to what is called a Pace Car which generally pulls in front of the pack of cars to control the speed and position of the following vehicles.

What does it called when cars must stop to pay?


Why is it called a drive through if you have to stop?

because there are other cars in front of you in the drive way and you have to stop in pick up.

What is drag in auto racing?

Two drag racing cars go to the starting position, and the drivers wait for a light to turn from red to green. As soon as the light turns green, they floor the gas pedal and go as fast as they can up to the finish line. Then, the drivers deploy the parachute so they can stop, because a braking system would just weigh down the machine, and brakes are not adequate to stop a drag racing car from going over 300 miles an hour to 0. Then, the winners is announced with the exact times, and they start over with another pair of cars.

What ages do horses stop competing?

Horses stop racing at about 5-6.

What kind of cars stop pollution?

Electric Cars, and Hybrid Cars

How did Drag racing gets its name?

In the 1950's and 60's, cars were often modified by their owners to achieve a one off "custom" look. These cars were called "HOTRODS" Their were suspension, driveline, body and engine modifications to make each vehicle unique. One popular modification was called "dropping" or lowering the suspension. This involved changing or modifying the springs, and made the car very low to the ground. The engines were also tweaked to produce a lot more horsepower than stock. As these vehicles cruised the streets, owners would often see each other. Sometimes there was a local hang out where these people and their cars would gather. As people talked and things progressed, it was only natural that owners would want to settle which car was best or quickest. Street racing was born. Cars would accelerate away from a green light at maximum throttle. The car that crossed the next light first was the winner. When these lowered cars took off, the massive power would make the back of the car squat causing the bumper to drag on the ground for the first few feet. As this type of racing continued, the term "drag" racing was born because of all those bumpers dragging on the pavement.

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when did 8 trap greyhound racing stop in the uk

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Most Motorcycles can stop better 95% of all cars

Did Jeff Gordon ever get hurt while racing?

Yes and no, he has had pain here and there but nothing that has stop him from racing for a race.

How do you stop car crashes?

If you've ever been to cool crest you've seen racing cars and they dont crash they bump and if you put that bump part around your car, certainly you wont be terribly injured.

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depending on the pigeon