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The back of a Badminton court is a back boundary line and long service line for singles.

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Q: What is the area at the back of a badminton court called?
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What is out on the court in a singles game of badminton?

the side tramlines are out, the back tramlines are in.

What is the service area in badminton?

Anywhere behind the back line.

Why do you clear in badminton?

You clear in badminton to get the birdie far and high. It also puts your opponent at the back of the court if you land a good clear.

Where does badminton originated?

It was orginaly from India when it was called 'poojha' then it was brought back to England where they played it at their house which was called badminton house!

What are the rules of singles in badminton?

In singles badminton, the court is tall and skinny, meaning the back alley is always in use and the side alleys are out of bounds.

Where in the court do you stand when you serve in badminton?

back left or right depending on which side the opponent is

What is the area called that you're not allowed passing or dribbling the ball back into after the ball has already crossed over the half court line?

back court.

Was badminton called battledore?

No it waz called baddairyton back in the late 1990's

What is baseline play in badminton?

back boundary line at each end of the court that runs parallel to the net

What is the thing badminton players hit back and foth?

It's called a shuttlecock.

What is the service box in a badminton single game?

The badminton court is split into 8 areas on each side of the court, 4 along the back and 4 closer to the net. The 2 sections in the middle closest to the net are the service areas.

What is the back court in volleyball?

The back court is the area of your team's court that is closest to the endline (serving line).

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