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tasty cake.

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Q: What is the answer to this mickeys cap it shows a golf ball on a tee then a ace of spades then another golf ball on a tee then a cake with a candle?
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What is the answer to this - on mickeys cap it shows the letter p then an ink dropper and then two diamond rings?

Proper engagement

Ace of spades tattoo symbolize?

It shows a white woman's preference for black men.

What does lighting a candle on Easter symbolize?

it shows that Jesus is there.

Why are candle sticks important to christians?

The candle indicated light - ray of hope. It shows the light of the "Risen Lord".

A painting that shows a candle that is meant to represent the eternal flame is make use of?


A painting that shows a candle that is meant to represent the eternal flame is making use of?


Why are there several colours in a candle flame?

The color in the candle flame shows the fuel used. It also shows temperature. The colder part of the flame is red and the closer the color is to white is the hottest. The blue color comes from the soot of the wick.

A painting that's shows a candle that is meant to represent the eternal flame is making use of?


Why is alpha and omega on the paschal candle?

In Revelation 22:13 Jesus shows himself to be the 'alpha and the omega'.The presence on the candle is to refer to him, particularly in his eternal nature, as the eternal God who became incarnate.

Why is the Ace of spades always fancy?

In colonial America the Ace of spades was where they placed the British tax stamp. __________________ It is also the card that shows when they package decks of cards, so they usually glam it up a little, and that is usually where you can find manufacturer information. In card games that recognize suit superiority, Spades is the highest suit, and the Ace the most powerful card, so it is representative of the "ultimate" card in some ways.

What is Suicidemouseavi?

It's A Black And White Looping Of Mickey Mouse Walking Down A Road He Doesnt Kill Himself Though And The Video Cuts To Black And It Stays Like That Until The 6th Minute Then Its Shows Mickeys Face Falling Apart When The Last 30 Seconds Show Mickeys Mouses Blank Face And A Broken Music Box And The Beginning Sounds Like A 6 Year Old Banging On Random Piano Keys Then At The End It Shows A Piece Of Russian Text That Says "The Sights Of Hell Brings Its Viewers Back In" Then A Man And A Door It Also Shows Him Walking Past 6 Building For Like Two Or Three Minutes

Give you another word for shows?


What is another way to say this shows?

This demonstrates

What does the logo of Amnesty International represent?

The logo shows a flame (candle) of hope behind barbed wire. The candle and barbed wire represents all the prisoners that Amnesty International has not been able to help. It also reminds the people of the old Chinese Saying: "Better to light a candle than curse the darkness"

When an experiment shows that shows that one variable another change and no other variable have any effect the experiment shows?


After the new fire on Easter Saturday what is then lit?

After the lighting of the New Fire, that fire is used to light what is called the Paschal Candle. This is a large, white candle, it symbolizes Christ. It is marked with the Greek letters Alpha and Omega, to signify eternity. The candle is also marked with the current year, which shows Christ's sovereignty over all history, including the present. The candle will also have 5 colored nails which make the sign of the cross. This candle is carried in procession into the church after being lit.

What kind of graph shows comparisons?

Every graph shows comparisons of some kind or another.

What color shows besides black and white in the movie Schindler's List?

Red; the little girls red coat, and the red of a flame of a candle in the beginning.

Which gas in the air supports burning?

Oxygen is 20% of what is in the air. When you light a candle in a bit of water, then put a measuring cylinder over it, water is sucked up 20% of the cylinder, before going out. This shows that oxygen supports burning. Without oxygen the candle goes out.

Will there be another medal of honor video game?

There is another because at the end of the game it shows a secquel

What is a map that shows is you how to travel from one place to another?


What is another word for illustrates?

Demonstrates, shows, clarifies, displays

Can you transfer shows from one DVR to another?

No,it only stores the shows in teh DVR memory.

How are maps and globes similar?

it shows states and country'sit also shows were you go and look at a zebra at a zoo for another example

What is another word for appears?

another word for appears could be comes up, shows up or arrives