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2 to the power of 63 +2 to the power of 62 + 2 to the power of 61........+2 to the power of 0.

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Q: What is the answer to the chess board covered with wheat problem?
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Why was the Canadian Wheat Board established?

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What is this number 18446744073709551615?

It is (2 ^ 64) - 1. Or UNSIGNED BIGINT Maximum value (databases) 2^64-1=18,446,744,073,709,551,615 it is the answer to the 'chessboard problem' using wheat or rice, dependent on what culture you believe the chess board originated from, It also shows a quick view of exponential growth.

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Don't cheat on your Current events(:

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There was a famous wheat field as a part of the battlefield at Antietam (or Sharpsburg) in western Maryland. (There was also a cornfield). There was a wheat field which was the scene of much carnage at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, next to the Peach Orchard. In each instance these were only a small part of battlefields which covered several square miles,