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Jerry rice!

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โˆ™ 2011-01-25 23:24:27
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Q: What is the answer to the audio for the WFAN Super Bowl Contest?
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What is the answer to WFAN super bowl audio cut?

Harry Carson

How can you listen to the Super Bowl on the internet?

Try Itunes radio under sports. I am in New York City and listening to WFAN right now. Or you can check out the related link and listen to live audio of the Super Bowl.

Giants Previous Super Bowl experience wfan?

i believe it is Strahan, Toomer and Feagels- not sure though

What player longest time between Super Bowl appearances?

A question from the Mike'd Up Big Game Trivia contest on WFAN in New York, I believe the answer is Howard Cross, TE Giants; however, I am not absolutely positive. It's a good guess, as Cross played in Super Bowl XXV and then waited until the Giants got back there in Super Bowl XXXV, both in Tampa.

When was WFAN created?

WFAN was created on 1922-03-02.

Who are two Super Bowl MVPs who have the same last name as two Conn Smythe winners?

This question has been asked on WFAN all week (1/21/2008-1/25/2008). The answer is: Billy Smith and Emmitt Smith and Hines Ward and Cam Ward. Thank God that contest is over although I must admit it has provided many laughs.

Which radio station in New york city will broadcast the Super Bowl?

The Superbowl will be broadcast on many of New York city's sports radio stations. These include ESPNÊ98.7 and the 24 hour sports station WFAN broadcast from 92.3 and 101.9 FM.

What is the wfan phone number?


How much does Evan Roberts earn at wfan?


Where can one find information about WFan?

WFAN is a radio station located in New York City. To find more information, your best bet is to tune to the radio station itself (660 AM and 101.9 FM) if you reside in New York City, or you may visit WFAN's official website.

How much does mike francesa earn at WFAN?

5 million

In what state is wfan the first all-sports radio station?

New York?

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