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Q: What is the answer for teenbis 3000 Tebow Gives Back?
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Who is the quarter back for the gators?

Tim Tebow (is this question a joke?)

Who is the quarter back for Florida gators?

Tim Tebow (is this question a joke?)

Who is the best college Quarter-back?

Type your answer here... Shea Richards

Who is the quarter back for the Denver Broncos?

The three current quarterbacks for denver broncos are: -Kyle orton -Brady quinn -Tim tebow

Who should've won the Heisman D-Mac or T-Bow?

Tebow. Look, McFadden is primarily a running back. Tebow is a primarily a quarterback. A running back should have more rushing touchdowns than a quarterback. But Tebow had more. So, just in his limited roll as a running back, he outshined McFadden. But of course, Tebow was also a quarterback, and got quite a few passing touchdowns as well. There's no constest. Even if Tebow had never thrown the ball all season, he was STILL responsible for more touchdowns than McFadden. But for the record, if Glenn Dorsey had been healthy all season, he would have won the Heismann.

Is Tim Tebow the best quarter back of all time?

we'll have to see until the end of the season

Is the Tim Tebow jersey cool?

Of course, I met him once before babe babe babe come back

Can you downgrade a psp 3000 from 6.20 back down to 5.50?

No, PSP 3000's cannot be downgraded.

Who discovered rice back in 3000 BC?

the Chinese

How many calories in baby back ribs?


Will Tim Tebow play in the NFL if so will he be a QB?

yes he will play in the NFL and no probably not more of a tight end or H back

Was Tim Tebow the best quarter back in the NCAA?

That is a matter of personal opinion but many would agree that yes, he was at the time that he was in college.