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As of 6/8/08 the all time cubs/dodgers series is tied 1012 to 1012.

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Q: What is the all time series record between the Cubs and the Dodgers?
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What is the Cubs vs Dodgers 2008 record?

5- 2 Cubs

What is the all time series record between the cardinals and cubs?

Through 2010, the Cubs lead the all-time series with the Cardinals 1,091-1,044.

What is the Cubs World Series record?

The Cubs appeared in 10 World Series between 1906 and 1945. They won world championships in 1907 and 1908.

What is the Cubs vs Dodgers 2009 record?

In head-to-head play in 2009, the Cubs have 3 wins and the Dodgers have 5 wins.

What is the series record between the cubs and cardinals from 2001 to 2010?

The Cubs record is 87 wins and 81 losses during the years 2001 - 2010 in head to head with the Cardinals.

Dodgers opponent in their World Series?

Chicago Cubs

What was the Cubs and Cardinals series record in 2005?

The Cubs won the series 10-6

What was the 2007 record for the Cubs-Astros series?

The Cubs won the season series against the Astros in 2007, 8 games to 7.

What is the brewers record vs the cubs in 2010?

The Cubs won the series nine games to six.

Who leads the overall series between cubs and cardinals?

The Cubs :(

When was the last time the cubs were in the playoffs?

As of 2009, the last time the Chicago Cubs made the playoffs was in 2008 when they lost to the dodgers in the National League Division Series.

Did Gunsmoke's JAmes Arness play major league baseball? probably have him confused with Chuck Conners, who starred in the TV Western Series, The Rifleman. Conners played briefly in the Majors with the Brooklyn Dodgers and Chicago Cubs.

What year did the White Sox win the World Series?

1906 against cubs, 1917 dodgers,2005 astros

What is the all time record in the cubs-royals series?

I don't believe the Royals and Cubs have met in regular season action.

WHAT IS All time record of Chicago Cubs?

103 years of not winning a world series is an all time record.

What is the 2007 record for the Cubs-Cardinals series?

as of 9/7/07 st Louis has won 4 cubs have won 7

What is winloss record between Chicago Cubs vs Chicago White Sox?

as of the 2010 season, the White Sox lead the all time record (since interleague play began) with 37 wins to the Cubs 35 wins. The White Sox won the Interleague Series against the Cubs in 2010 by 4 games-to-2 so after the 2010 season, the White Sox lead in the series 41 Wins to 37 wins

Who was the mlb player who went on to become the star of a popular TV western series?

Chuck Conners who played for the Brooklyn Dodgers and Chicago Cubs became an actor and starred in the TV series "The Rifleman".

Who leads the the all-time series between the Chicago Cubs and the Saint Louis Cardinals?

The cubs

What manager won the most games in Cubs history?

Charlie Grimm, who managed the Cubs between 1932-1938, 1944-1949, and 1960, is the all time winningest manager in Cubs history. His all time record with the Cubs was 946-782 and he led the team to the World Series in 1932, 1935, 1938, and 1945.

What is the Chicago Cubs win - loss record since May 31 2008?

After games played on May 31, the Cubs' record was 35-21. After games played on August 21, the Cubs' record is 77-49. That would make their record between the two dates 42-28.

If Colorado and the Cubs both win their series who gets homefield advantage The cubs because they won their division Or the Rockies because they have a better season record and are the wild card team?

i think the cubs do

What is the 2009 record for the cubs - cardinals series?

The Chicago Cubs recorded 6 wins and 10 losses versus the St. Louis Cardinals in the 2009 season.

How many games did the cubs win in 1906?

The Cubs record in the 1906 National League was 116-36, but lost to the White Sox four games to two in the World Series.

Who has the biggest fan base in baseball Yankees Cubs Dodgers or Red Sox?

Probably it's between the Yankees and the Cubs with an honorable mention to the Boston Red Sox