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The all-time record of most goals scored in a single season belongs to Dixie Dean with 60 goals for Everton in 1927-1928.

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Q: What is the all time record for goals scored in a single season in the English football top division?
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All time record for goals scored by one player in any English football division?

It is Alan Shearer for Blaclburn Rover and Newcastle United.

Who scored in every division of the football league?

leo messi

What is the record for goals scored in a football match?


Top scorer all time English league football?

in 1928 dixie dean for everton scored 60 goals in 1 season, a record in English football which still stands to this day!

Ncaa division 1 basketball scoring record?

Pete Maravich set the NCAA Division I scoring record with 3,667 points scored.

What is the record for the most points scored in a LSU Football game?

The answer is 93

Who has scored the most goals in English top division?

It is Alan Shearer.

Who scored 100 goals for England with surname beginning with H?

Nobody has scored 100 goals for the English National Football Team. Bobby Charlton stills hold the record with 49 goals.

Who scored the most penalties in English football?

Peter lorimer

What pro football player holds the record for total touchdowns scored?

Brett Favre holds that record.

Who is the best left mid in the world football?

In my opinion the best left midfielder in the world is Manchester United's Ryan Giggs, he has scored in very season that he has played for Manchester united and has a record 11 league championships in the English top division (premier league).

Who has scored a goal in every English league division and for their country?

Robert Earnshaw.

Who has scored a hat trick in every English division and for his country?

It is Robert Earnshaw.

What is the most amount of goals scored in the English football league?


What is the most goals scored by a team in English football?

1 zillion

Which footballer has scored in all the English football leagues?

Robert Earnshaw.

Which player scored the most goals for the Dutch football team?

As of 2011, the record holder for the greatest number of goals scored for the Dutch national football team is Patrick Kluivert, who has scored 40 goals for the side.

How can a goal be scored in English football?

by kicking the ball in the goal!! the best and original type of football. american football is stupid

Who scored the most goals in English league football?

Arthur Rowley scored 434 goals in 619 gqame

Which player has scored a hatrick in every division both domestic cup finals and at international level in football?

Robert Earnshaw has scored in every division in England, in both cups (but not finals) and at international level.

Who holds the record for the most points scored in a Division One NCAA basketball tournament?

Glen Rice?

Who has scored in all 4 divisions of English Football as well as in an International?


Who scored a hattrick in all four divisions in English football?

Robert Earnshaw

Who scored the Quickest 100 goals in English football?

Rudd van nistelroy

How many English teams have scored 100 goals in European football?