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according to the duke Basketball site ....... Kentucky leads the series


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Q: What is the all time record between Kentucky and Duke basketball?
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What is the University of Kentucky's men basketball teams record vs Duke?

The Kentucky Wildcats are 11-8 all-time against the Duke Blue Devils in men's basketball.

What is Kentucky vs duke basketball record?

The overall record is Kentucky 11 wins, Duke 8 wins. However, in the last 20 years (since 1978) the record in in Duke's favor, 6 wins out of 8 games. And, Duke has won the last 3 NCAA match-ups!

Kentucky and duke basketball series?

Kentucky leads the series 11-9. Duke won this year's matchup 75-68.

What is duke basketball's head to head record vs Missouri basketball?

Duke 1, Missouri 0 (2001 ncaa tournament won by Duke)

Which school holds the record for 30 win season mens basketball?


Who has more basketball national championships duke or Kentucky?

Kentucky has 7, but only 3 in the past 50 years. Duke on the other hand has only 3, all since 1991.

What was the Kentucky vs Duke basketball record in the 90's?

Believe it or not, they only played once in the 90s that wasn't one of THOSE games. Duke led the 90's record 2-1. 3/28/92 Duke 104 - UK 103 (THAT game) 3/22/98 UK 86 - Duke 84 (THAT other game) 12/22/98 Duke 71 - UK 60 (Jimmy V Classic)

What is Kansas basketball's head to head record vs Duke?


Who has the most college basketball wins?

Kentucky has the most wins in college basketball. because last year Kentucky was the first team to wins over 2000 basketball games in college basketball and are still adding on more wins as the years go on. not Louisville, not UNC, not even Duke.

What is North Carolina's basketball head to head record vs ucla?

head to head record duke vs carolina

Which men's Division 1 team won the 1978 basketball championship?

Kentucky Won In 1978 When They Beat Duke.

Who has the biggest fan base in college basketball?

Top 5: Kentucky, North Carolina, Louisville, Duke, Kansas

What are good colleges for basketball?

Duke, UNC, UCLA, Georgetown, Kansas, Kentucky, Georgia Tech, Syracuse, UConn

When was the last time Duke Blue Devils beat Kentucky Widcats in basketball?

The last Duke victory over Kentucky occurred on December 18, 2001 in the Jimmy V Classic in overtime, 95-92.Kentucky leads the overall series 11-8.

What are the statistics for Duke basketball?

In their current season the Duke Blue Devils are 25-4 with a record of 15-0 at home. They are second in the Atlantic Coast Conference. Duke's women's team is 29-2 with a home record of 14-0.

Which NCAA Basketball team has the best record?

girls- UCONN boys- Duke

What two schools hold the record for most wins in college basketball in any division?

Duke and North CarolinaAnswerKentucky and North Carolina AnswerKentucky and North Carolina are #1 and #2. with kansas #3, duke #4, st john's #5

Who holds the total rebound record in Duke's men's basketball?

Mike Gminski (1977-1980) is Duke's all-time leading rebounder with 1,242 in his career.

Who holds the Atlantic coast conference men's basketball career points record?

J.J. Redick of Duke.

Was University of Kentucky basketball team number one in the nation in the 1990's?

yes NO. Duke was voted "The Team of the 1990's.

Who are the four number one seeds in the four regions in basketball?

University of Kentucky, Kansas University, Syracuse University, Duke University

Where can one find the Duke basketball report?

One can find the Duke basket ball report on the official Duke basketball report website. The Duke basketball report covers the Duke University athletics.

Name the last 10 mens college basketball champions?

duke, North Carolina, kansas, Florida, Florida, North Carolina, ucla, Syracuse, Kentucky and duke Duke, NC, Kansas, Florida, Florida, NC, UConn, Syracuse, Maryland and Duke.

Who will win the ncaa basketball tournament this year?

duke, kentucky, kansas, syracuse, purdue, mostly anyone in the top 5 My answers: UK, KANSAS, MARQ, WISC, ARIZONA, DUKE.

Who is better in basketball North Carolina or Duke?

In 2017, North Carolina has a better record than Duke. North Carolina is 14 - 4. Duke is 11 - 7.