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Adrian Peterson (Georgia Southern University 1998-2001) broke the all-time Division 1 record with 6,559 rushing yards

Adrian Peterson (GSU) 6,559 yds Ron Dayne (UW) 6,397 yds

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Q: What is the all time NCAA Division 1 rushing record?
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What is the all time NCAA Division 1 record for rushing yards in a season?

marshall faulk

What is the all time rushing TD record for the NCAA?

Travis Prentice holds the NCAA Division 1A record for career rushing touchdowns (as well as total touchdowns) with 73, whilst playing for the Miami University Redhawks.

What is the all time NCAA Division 3 rushing record?

R.J Bowers holds the record at 7353 yds. Nate Kmic of Mount Union College is approx. 150 yards from tying the record.

Who is the all time leading rusher college football history?

As of the December 17, 2008, the NCAA all-division career rushing leader is Nate Kmic of Division III Mount Union with 7,986 yards. The Division I (Bowl Subdivision) career rushing leader is Ron Dayne of Wisconsin with 6,397 yards.The Division I (Championship Subdivision) career rushing leader is Adrian Peterson of Georgia Southern with 6,559 yards.The Division II career rushing leader is Danny Woodhead of Chadron State (Nebraska) with 7,871 yards.

Who holds the NFL'S all time rushing record?

Emmitt Smith 18,355 rushing yards

Who is the leader in Assists in the acc in mens basketball?

Bob Hurley, Duke. 1076 assists (all-time NCAA division one record).

Who holds the rushing record all time?

172 lbs

Who holds the record for most rushing yards of all time?

As of 2007, Emmitt Smith holds the record for 18,400 rushing yards. He also holds the record for the most rushing touchdowns with 164. Second place is Ladainian Tomlinson with about 120.

Who are the NCAA top 3 rushing touchdown leaders all time in WAC football?

LT:ladanian tomlinson

What is the all time NCAA football record for tackles in a season?

The NCAA record for the most tackles in a season is held by Kevin Talley. He recorded 195 with Norfolk State in 2003. However, Lawrence Flugence holds the FBS (Division 1) record with 193 tackles in a season for Texas Tech in 2002.

Who did Emmitt Smith break all time rushing record of?

Walter Payton

How many rushing yards did tiki barber retire with?

10,449 rushing yards (1997-2006) Giants all time record

Which NCAA division 1 men's basketball team has the most all-time NCAA tournament wins?

UCLA with 11.

Do postseason wins count in all time record in ncaa basketball?


Who was the Dallas quarterback when Emmitt Smith set the all-time rushing record?

Chad Hutchison was the Cowboys QB in the game (10/27/02 against the Seahawks) Smith set the all time rushing record.

Who did emmit smith break the all time rushing record against?

Seattle Seahawks

Who is the NCAA division 1A career passing touchdowns leader?

As of the 2007 season, Ty Detmer, who played for Brigham Young between 1988-1991, holds the Division 1-A all time touchdown passes record with 121.

What team is the All time division three football leader in wins?

With an overall record is 697 wins, 345 losses and 31 ties, Wittenberg has the most wins of any NCAA Division III football program in history

Who are the Division III all time NCAA basketball scoring leaders?

Steve Peknik

What ncaa division 1A football program has the most all time victories?


What is the all time rushing record?

Most rushing yards in a single game: Adrian Peterson, 296. Most rushing yards in a season: Eric Dickerson, 2,105. Most rushing yards in a career: Emmitt Smith, 18,355.

Who is the all-time leading scorer in NCAA Division One basketball?

Pete Maravich (aka 'Pistol Pete') of LSU still holds the record for All-Time Leading Scorer in NCAA Division I Men's Basketball! What you might also want to know is that he set this record in only THREE seasons, not FOUR. His record still holds at 3,667 points. His closest competitor was Freeman Williams of Portland State, who still fell short by 418 points after FOUR Seasons of play.

Who is the all time career points leader in NCAA basketball?

Travis Grant played at Kentucky State in the 70s. They were an NCAA school at that time. Division One: Pete Maravich, LSU, 3667 points. Division Two: Travis Grant, Kentucky State, 4045 points. Division Three: John Pierce, David Lipscomb College, 4230 points. David Lipscomb College was not an NCAA-recognized school when Pierce played. The all-time NCAA division 3 record is held by Andre Foreman of Salisbury College with 2940 points in 109 games...(27.0 ppg). Travis Grant's record is an NAIA record as well. Kentucky State and Lipscomb were both NAIA schools during each player's era. While Grant was at KSU, it was, as were other schools, NCAA Division II, but had the option of playing in the NAIA Tournament. Since the Division II Tourney was played on individual courts, much like the NIT, and the NAIA was on a neutral court, they decided to play there and won three consecutive championships while he starred.

Against what team did emmitt smith break the all time rushing record?

Seattle Seahawks

Ncaa men's division 1 all time shot blocker?

=Wojciech Mydra - 535=