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Q: What is the all blacks stadium called?
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When did the All Blacks first train in New Plymouth?

yarrows stadium

What is the name of New Zealand's rugby union national stadium?

Each New Zealand city has its own rugby stadium and the NZ Rugby Union doesn't have an official stadium of its own, but the premier New Zealand stadium is probably Eden Park in Auckland as Auckland has the largest population base and is where the World Cup final was held in 1987 and where the World Cup final will be held in 2011.

When was the second stadium called for the Cardinals?

The second stadium Name was Busch Stadium renamed from Sportsman's Park, the second stadium Building was called Busch Memorial Stadium. All 3 stadiums have been called Busch Stadium at some point.

Why is the all blacks called all blacks?

If a horse is "all black", it means it has no white markings (socks, spots, or facial markings).

What hakas do the all blacks do?

Ka Mate but the all blacks have introduced another modern haka called kapa o pango.

What is the patriots stadium called?

The Patriots Stadium is called the Gillette Stadium.

Which rugby teams are called The Black?

new zealand are the all blacks

Is New Zealand a rugby team?

Yes it is. its called the ALL BLACKS.

When was the first all blacks team?

The first team were called the originals in 1905

What is an energetic ceremonial dance called?

It is called a Haka because the All Blacks have a Haka for their Rugby Team

How old is the all blacks?

First game played was against the Australian national side where the New Zealanders were called the Originals The name All Blacks was coined in Britain in 1905

What is the penrith panthers football stadium called?

It was called Penrith Stadium. It is noe called Credit Union Australia Stadium.