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For the defensive alignment,

Josh Gibson is the catcher

Oscar Charleston is the first baseman

Jackie Robinson is the second baseman

Ernie Banks is the shortstop

Judy Johnson is the third baseman

The best outfielders consist of:

Turkey Stearnes (left fielder)

Cool Papa Bell (center fielder)

Willie Mays (right fielder)

The bench players consist of:

Monte Irvin (right fielder)

Hank Aaron (shortstop)*

Roy Campanella (catcher)

Larry Doby (center fielder)

Willie Wells (shortstop)

Ray Dandridge (third baseman)

Pop Lloyd (shortstop)

Buck Leonard (first baseman)

The pitchers have a staff loaded with stars like:

SP: Rube Foster

SP: Satchel Paige

SP: Martin Dihigo

SP: Smokey Joe Williams

SP: Bullet Joe Rogan

The reliable relief pitchers hold a bullpen featuring:

CP: Leon Day

RP: Hilton Smith

RP: Bill Foster

There it is: your twenty-five (25) best Negro League players of all time.

*Hank Aaron was a shortstop playing for the Indianapolis Clowns in the Negro Leagues before being switched to right field on the Milwaukee Braves in 1954.

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Q: What is the all-time negro league baseball team?
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What negro league baseball team had the initials BB on their uniforms?

The Negro League Baseball Team who had the initials BB on their uniforms were the Birmingham Black Barons

What was the Negro League in baseball?

The Negro League was a league founded by Ruth Foster. The Negro League let black people play baseball in their own league. The Negro League was the major league for black people. Most people do not believe this but the Negro League was rougher than the major league back around the 1900s. When Ruth Foster died the Negro League shut down. A few years later Gus Greenlee took over the Negro League. He was a manager of a team. He had the team with Sachel Paige on it. If you weren't aware he was the best Negro baseball player.

What is the all time negro league baseball team?

Homestead Grays

What was the name of the first negro baseball team?

well the first negro baseball team was the stars

Who were the kanasas city monarchs?

They were a Negro League Baseball team. Satchel Paige pitched for 'em.

What team was in the negro league?

Birmingham barons

First black baseball team?

One of the first black baseball teams was the Indianapolis Clowns. Hank Aaron began his baseball career in that Negro League team.

Is the Brooklyn Dodgers a Negro league team?

No. The Brooklyn Dodgers were a Major League team who became the Los Angeles Dodgers in 1958.

What was the first negro league team that Jackie played for?

Kansas City Monarchs

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Through the games of May 11, 2009, the San Francisco Giants are the franchise with the most regular season win with 10,273.

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What was the first Negro league team that Jackie Robinson played for?

Kansas City Monarchs

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