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Boise State 22 wins

Idaho 6 wins

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Q: What is the all-time football record between the University of Idaho and Boise State?
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Whats Miami's football record vs Nebraska?

The alltime series record, as of the 2008 season, between Nebraska and Miami (FLA) in football is tied at 5 wins apiece.

What is the alltime record between Iowa and Alabama?

Through the 2011 regular season, the two teams have never met in football.

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The Miami Hurricanes Football Team has a Thursday night record of 26-22 as of 2021.

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Texas leads the series 17-5-0

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2989 hits

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What is Georgia all time record against Tennessee in football?

According to College Football Data Warehouse, The Georgia Bulldogs are 18-21-2 alltime against the Tennessee Volunteers.

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Texas leads the series 8 - 4

What is the overall record between the university of kansas and the university of texas in football?

As of the beginning of the 2011 season, the overall record against Texas has Kansas with: 2 wins 8 losses 0 ties