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Q: What is the air pressure on monster truck tires?
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What are car tires filled with?

they are filled up with regular air that our tires use but some cheaters in monster truck racing fill their tires up with water to make sure they land on all fours.

Where is the camrea in poptropica to take a pic of the loch ness monster?

the guy with the truck needs to get his truck lowered by getting air out of his tires once you do that you can take his camera

Why truck drivers are encouraged to monitor and adjust air pressure in their tires during long trips?

Proper air pressure makes for the best gas mileage. Too soft and it wastes energy. Too hard and the tires are not safe to drive on.

Why do monster trucks bounce?

They have softer suspensions to reduce impact to the driver, as well as very large tires with low air pressure.

What carries the load of truck tires or air inside them?

The load of truck tires is carried by the tire structure, composed of layers of rubber and fabric. The air inside the tire helps support the load by maintaining proper inflation pressure, which is essential for optimal tire performance and vehicle handling.

How often do you need to check the air pressure in your car tires?

Owner's manuals usually recommend to check the tires' air pressure weekly.

Check suspension light on 2000 ford expedition what does this mean?

A malfunction with the air suspension system has been detected Most of the time it is because you have to much air in your tires or not enough in your tires, check your recommended tire pressure(psi) with an air gauge when you have the correct pressure turn your truck off and restart it the light will go off.

Why dump truck sways?

Check for proper air pressure in rear tires.

How do you get the cameara from the truck driver on poptropica?

let the air out of his tires

How air tightness is achieved in tubeless tires?

air pressure

Why do truck drivers keep an eye out on there tires and air pressure for long trips?

Improper pressure can cause tire failure and lower fuel economy. One is a hazard and both cost money.

What does the instrumental pannel that looks like a horseshoe with an exclamation point inside it mean on a 2007 dodge durango?

That is probably an indicator that you have low air pressure in one of your tires. Put some air in your tires one at a time and see if it goes off. Check your manual for exact tire pressure, but from my understanding truck tires are usually 30-40 psi.