What is the aim of basketball?

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To make more point than the other team.

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Q: What is the aim of basketball?
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What starts with a and has to do with basketball?


What is the aim of attacking in basketball?

To score

Where should you aim when shooting a lay up shot in basketball?

If your basketball court has a box a top of the net try to aim at that.

How do you beat level 20 in basketball dare?

aim at the ground near you

What is chest pass in basketball?

a chest pass in basketball is where you throw or aim the ball between the upper chest to the upper hips when you are throwing it.

What is the aim of the game?

The aim of the game basketball is to get the ball away from the opposition team and score as many goals as you can. There are 5 players on the court at a time.

Skills used in basketball?

hand eye coordination,aim,speed,agility,endurance.

What is a good AIM name i like horseback riding basketball Yankees and the ocean?


What are the ways to shoot in basketball?

You bent down and hold your hands on the side of the ball (If your a kid) If your not a kid then bent down hold one hand on the bottom of the basketball and the other on the side of the basketball. Then, Jump! and aim the basketball properly!

How do you make a basketball go in from half court?

Aim and shoot and make it go like a rainbow.

What skills to be a pro basketball player?

well a good shouter and good accurate aim dribbling skills

What to aim at in basketball?

If you are on the left side of the ring then the best way to go is to aim for the top right corner of the backboard. If you are positioned in the middle and in line with the ring then you aim for the middle of the top of the ring. If you are on the left of the ring then its best to aim for the top left corner of the backboard. Try these at home and you are most likely to get more of your shots in and enjoy this little tip. I know this because I'm a state basketball player and this is the proper way and always works.

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