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There's no age limit to BMX riding, if you want to ride one - go for it. Keep in mind though that they're a poor choice if you want to use the bike to travel any distances with.

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Q: What is the age you should be to ride a bmx bike?
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What age is a 20.5 bmx bike for?

Depends what size you are im 5 feet 10 and i ride a 20 inch bmx bike

What should a bmx bike have?

Well, if you ever intend to ride it on the streets, it should have brakes.

How do you ride bmx?

The way you ride any bike.

Should you get your child a BMX bike?

there is nothing wrong with bmx bikes they are fun to ride as long as it is done safely but if your child wants to ride around at skateparks watch out for innertube bills!

How heavy should a racing BMX bike be?

depends the age and size

What bmx bike should you get for just riding round the street and occasionally dirt?

I race bmx but often ride park and trails. I'd go with a Fit or Eastern

What is bmxing?

bmxing is when you ride a bmx bike and do stunts :)

Can tall people bmx bike?

Of course they can there are different sized BMX bikes. Of course there is a limit on how tall they can be. But I've seen people probably about 6'5 ride a BMX bike and they were real good.

Do you have to be athletic to bmx?

No, you just need to be able to ride a bike

What size bmx bike should you ride if you are 5' 4''?

JUst about all BMX bikes are built around 20-inch wheels, making them all very close to each other in size.

Where can I buy a used BMX?

Second Hand BMX Bike can be purchased from the following websites like Ride Monkey, Pink Bike, Evans Cycles, The House, Baato, Bike Exchange, Local Bike Trader, Gum Tree, You Tube and OLX.

What products are sold by Fit Bike Co besides bicycles?

Fit Bike Company sells everything BMX. From bicycle seats to helmets, Fit Bike Company has anything one might need to ride a bike and several BMX licensed products.

If you have a choice of getting a bmx bike or a ps3 which one should you choose?

It's smarter to get a BMX bike instead of a ps3.

How heavy is the mongoose logo 2012 bmx bike?

quite heavy but for me is quite light and is an epic bmx bike u should totally get it

Can a 14 year old ride a 20' bmx bike?

yes. as long they have good balance

What size bmx bike should a 5'1'' person buy?

Standard BMX's are 20 inches, so you should probably always get 20 inch BMX's.

Can you ride a cracked bmx rim?

it depends on what your doing. if its just a bmx bike and your just cruising around and not going to parks etc. then yes you can but if your doing jumps and stuff itll crack more and can do further damage to your bike.

What size bmx bike should you ride if you are 6' 2?

BMX bikes pretty much all have 20"wheels, which makes all frames very similar in size. On top of that BMX is almost entirely ridden standing up, so bike size doesn't matter as much as it does for road riding for instance. I agree, but get at least a 20.5" frame.

What age is a 20 inch bmx for?

all ages. pros ride 20

Who was the first person to ride a BMX bike?

Kyall Renshaw was the first person to carve up on a treadly.

Where can I buy a custom BMX bike in Las Vegas?

One can buy a custom BMX bike in Las Vegas from a few stores. One can get a BMX custom made from 'Just BMX', 'Bolder BMX', 'Bike World' and 'Vegas Bike Store'.

What is better a bmx bike or a trick bike?

There's no such thing as a trick bike buddy. A bmx technically is a "trick" bike. So just get a bmx if you want to do tricks.

How do you find the age of your dyno bmx bike?

Go to and post on the forums.

Is mongoose logo 2010 bmx bike a good bike?

All mongoose bmx are horrible! if you are looking for a good bmx bike look at Fit, kink, haro bmx bikes.

What bmx bike should you get if your 5 ft 5?

a eastern