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3.5 year old Budhiya Singh from India

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Q: What is the age of the youngest person to run a marathon?
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Who is the youngest person to run a marathon?

The youngest I know of is a kid named Budhia Singh. He is four years old, from India

At what age did Oprah run a marathon?


Who was the youngest person to run for president?

JFK was the youngest to run and win at 43. However, William Jennings Bryant was the Democratic nominee for President in 1896 at the age of 36 making him the youngest to run as the nominee of a major party.

Who was the youngest person ever to run for president?

Theodore Roosevelt was the youngest person o run for the president

What is the Legal age to run a marathon?

in britain, 12

Who was the youngest person to run for us president?

John F. Kennedy ran for President at the age of 43.

Who was the shortest person to ever run a marathon?

my johnson

Who was the first person to run a marathon?

The First perso to ever run a marathon was actually a women named "Kathrine Switzer". It was in the years of 1967 in Boston

Who is the youngest person to finish a marathon?

Clare Seeger was 15 years old when she run the first London Marathon in 1981. Although her time of 3hrs 49 mins in only 6 weeks of training was unofficial she was still allowed to cross the finish line. The computer made a mistake on her age and she was in the list of starters only to find out a few days before she could not run because of her age. She still did run and stopped one foot before the finish line but was then told to cross which gave her a recorded time of 3hrs 49 mins. I was 15 when I officially completed the East Lyme Marathon in Connecticut in 1987. Does this make me the youngest official finisher of a Marathon? I couldn't be the only one. The Marathon race goes back a lot further than computers do and there were a few Marathons that allowed younger runners back then.

How old was the oldest person to run a marathon?

83 years old

Who is the first person to run a marathon in ancient Greece?

Louis Tsapparelli

What would be a fast time to run a marathon in?

One common Fast marathon goal is based on your age/gender Boston Marathon Qualifying time.

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