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age of imran khan in 60

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Q: What is the age of imran khan niazi cricketer favorite color and politician?
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Who was Ikramullah Khan Niazi?

He was father of former cricketer and politician Imran khan.

When was Imran Shah - cricketer - born?

Asif Iqbal - cricketer - was born in 1943.

Has imran khan the cricketer died?


Where was Imran Khan cricketer born?


Who is the greatest cricketer?

imran khan but ansar better

Where does Imran Khan cricketer live?

He lives in Islamabad

What is the age of imran khan politician?

Imran Khan the Pakistani politician was born on November, 25, 1952. He is 61 years old.

Is Imran Khan retired from Cricket?

Yes, Imran Khan retired from Cricket. He was a very great cricketer. After cricket, he has been into politics.s

When was imran khan cricketer born?

25 November 1952

Chairman Pakistan tehreek e insaf Imran Khan?

True, Ex-cricketer Imran helds the chair

What jobs did imran Khan have?

Imran Khan of Bollywood is an actor. He is a young actor right now. He is the nephew of the famous Aamir Khan.

Imran khan wife name?

Imran Abbas's wife name is Aleeza Abbas and she just looks like imran Abbas.. the couple is just made for each other :)