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It is a Stevens 94 series shotgun, which was produced for many years. Would have to see the parts to determine which variation of the Stevens 94 it is. WAG would be 1960's-1970's.

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Q: What is the age of a 12 gauge Revelation Model 350M single shot shotgun?
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How much is a 16 gauge single barrel shotgun model 350A worth?

How much is a 16 gage single barrel shotgun model 350A Revelation

Who made the Revelation 300 twelve gauge shotgun?

It a Savage models ... 30D, 30E, 30F or Stevens model 67

Where can you get a bolt for a 12 gauge Revelation shotgun?

Would need to know which model.

What dates was the 300f revelation model 12 gauge pump shotgun manufactured?

the 300f revelation modle 12 gauge pump shotgun was manufactured between the mid 80s and early 90s hopefually this is helpfull

What is the value of a revelation 350H 16 gauge single shot shotgun?

$50 - $120

What is the value of revelation bolt action 410 gauge shotgun model 330B?


What is the value of a revelation 20 gauge pump shotgun?

310 revelation 20 gauge

Who made the Revelation model 316 16 gauge shotgun?

Mossberg made them Mossberg Model 500 is the same!

Any information about a revelation model 350A 16 gauge shotgun?

It's a Savage 94D

How old is a revelation model 350a 20 gauge shotgun?

It is over 30 years that I know

Where can i find an owners manual for a revelation model 420 20 gauge shotgun?

Try gun shows.

What is the value of a 12 gauge Revelation Model 400 C semi automatic shotgun?

110-200 dollars.

Who makes a revelation r310c western auto 20 gauge?

Your revelation R310C western auto shotgun is a Mossberg model 500C which was made by Mossberg and Sons for Western Auto.

How much does the revelation model 350A costs?

The revelation model 350a is a single shot brake barrel 12 gauge shotgun that was mass produced by Stevens, and is actually a model 94. Its value ranges from $25 in poor condition, to $150 in mint condition. The gun has no collector value because it was produced in mass quantities.

What is the price for a revelation 20 gauge single shot model 350 series m?


What is the value of a Remington model 1894 single barrel 12 gauge shotgun?

The Model 1894 Remington was a side-by-side shotgun. The Model 1893 was a single-barrel shotgun with a side hammer. The 1893 in excellent original condition can bring $300.

Where can you find assembly instructions for the Revelation model 310a twelve gauge shotgun?

The Revelation 310A was made by Mossburg same as the 500 just go to there website and download the 500 man

What year was a 12 gauge single barrel shotgun serial number c584 made?

What year was riverside, 12 gauge, single shot ,model 548 made

What is worth ofDavenport firearms model 1885 12 gauge single shot shotgun?

what the value of a will davenport single shot shotgun 1885 in good conditcion

How much is a Stevens model 94 410 gauge single shotgun worth?


What is the value of a revelation model 350a 12 gauge single shot?

value of revelation 12 guage 350 a

Can any one tell me if they made a 16 gauge in a Ithaca model 66 shotgun?

The Ithaca model 66 single shot shotgun that was made from 1963-1978 was offered in 12ga,20ga and 410 gauge only.

What is a 1895 Remington single barrel 12 gauge shotgun worth?

A 1895 Remington single barrel 12 gauge shotgun is worth between $200 and $2,000 depending on its condition. The actual value will vary greatly based on the specific model and the buyers interested.

What does a revelation 20 gauge pump shotgun?

And your question is?

Have you heard of a Revelation 12 gauge shotgun?


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