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Well ..... I am 9 and I went to the Junior Olympics in gymnastics when I was 8 and got second in level 10.! :)

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Q: What is the age level for junior olympic games?
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How old do you have to be to compete in junior Olympics?

To compete in the junior Olympic games you have to 14 and the max age is18

What are the differences between the Youth Olympic Games and the normal Olympic Games rather than age?

Some things are smaller sizes for the youth. Depending on age, hurdles are lower, shot puts are lighter, discuses are lighter, ect. However, I don't know what events are in the Youth Olympic games.

What age did Tom Daley join the Olympic Games?

Tom entered the 2008 Olympic Games when he was 14-years-old. He was one of the youngest competitors.

What does junior open level 3 mean in cheerleading?

A junior team can not be Open. Only senior teams can be open. Open means there is no age limit.

What is the difference between youth cheer and junior cheer?

Junior cheer is more advanced than youth cheer and junior cheer has a higher age level for example youth would have 9-12 year old and junior would have 13-16 Junior cheer is not always more advanced than youth. Because you could have a youth level 5, and a junior level 4 and that would mean the youth would be more advanced than the junior. the only difference are the ages.

Who was the youngest athlete in this year's Olympic Games?

At the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games the age requirement was only 14 years old. Many young 14 year old athletes competed in the games.

What age can you participate in the Youth Olympic Games?

The age range is between 14 and 18 years old inclusive.

Which gymnasts have received a perfect 10 in Olympic games?

Nadia Comaneci She's Romanian and she participated in the 1976 olympic games in Montreal when she was only 14 years of age.

What is the age limit for women soccer players in Olympic Games?

18 and older

What is the age of the Youth Olympic Games athletes?

16-18 years old

What is the minimum age to run the 100 meter sprint in the olympic games?


What does 16AA mean in junior hockey?

16AA is a level of Midget hockey under USA Hockey, meaning the age limit, and the level of play, AA being a high level

Why do you have to be over the age of Sixteen to compete in the Olympic games?

Because u have to be a serten age to do the sport because u need to

Where can you find the myth of Icarus at grade 4 reading level?

There are no re-writings of the myth of Icarus at Junior School level. The best choice would be to rewrite it yourself for this age level.

What is the Maximum age limit to participate in Olympic Games?

It is usually from as young as 14 to 40s

What is the maximum age that can compete in Olympic games?

There is no maximum age for competition in the Olympics. The oldest medalist in the Olympics was Oscar Swahn of Sweden who won a silver medal in shooting at the 1920 Games in Antwerp at the age of 72.

What is age limit for amateur boxers?

Boxing Rules regarding age vary all round the world,generally these are the various limits. Junior Olympic boxing division:Minimum age 8.Maximum age 16. Bantam division.Ages 8-9 and ten.8 year old fighters can only fight 8 and 9 yr olds. Junior division.11-12 years old. Intermediate division.13-14 years old. Senior Junior Olympic division.15-16 yrs. Youth division.17-18 yrs. Open division.Minimum age 17.Maximum 34 and up until the day before the fighter's 35th birthday. Masters division.35 yrs+

What has the author Natalie Hoffman written?

Natalie Hoffman has written: 'A study of the ages of female Olympic place winners in selected sports in the Olympic Games' -- subject(s): Ability, Influence of age on, Influence of age on Ability, Olympics, Women athletes 'A study of the ages of female Olympic place winners in selected sports in the Olympic games of 1948, 1952, 1956, 1960, 1964, 1968 and 1972'

What is the minimum age that can compete in Olympic games?

There is no age limitation as such for participating in Olympics. Age limitations are decided by individual International Sports Federations for their sport and implemented in Olympics.

What does cheer-leading senior level 2 open mean?

senior- open is the age brackett basically mixing junior ages with senior ages up to age 18..

What minimum age required for figure skater?

Figure skaters must have turned 15 by July 1 to become eligible for that season's senior level competitions. For junior level events, the minimum age is 13, but no older than 19.

What is the age of a junior.?

Usually around 13 in a half to 14.. somewhere around there is starting the junior age.

What is The Hunger Games age level?


What age is a junior?

A junior typically does not refer to physical age, but rather to experience. A junior is an inexperienced employee who needs to work to gain experience.

What is the minimum age for olympic competitors?

There is no specific age limit to participate in the Olympics Games. However each sports federation is able to make their own age requirements if they choose to do so.