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I think almost Ten years age difference between Sachin and Anjali.

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Q: What is the age difference of sachin and anjali?
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Sachin anjali age difference?

As per apurva jain,Anjali Tendulkar is 4years older than Sachin Tendulkar.

What is the age difference between Sachin Tendulkar and his wife?

Anjali Tendulkar was born on 10 November 1967. She is six years elder to Sachin Tendulkar.

Height difference in anjali and sachin tendulkar?

the difference is 3 inches

How old is anjali than sachin?

Anjali is four years old then Sachin.

What was the age when sachin tendulkar get married?

Sachin Tendulkar married his wife Anjali on May 24, 1995, when he was aged 22.

What is the profession of Sachin Tendulkar's wife Anjali?

Anjali is a paediatrician.

Who is tall sachin or his wife anjali?

Who tall sechin or wife anjali

What is the previous name of anjali tendulkar?

Anjali Tendulkar, Sachin's wife, Her previous name was Anjali Mehta....

Who is older sachin or anjali tendulkar?

Anjali Tendulkar, Sachin's wife is older than him. Sachin was born in 1973 and she was born in 1967. Yet they live a happy married life.

When sachin tendulkar married?

1995 sachin tendulkar married with anjali

Sachin's wife name?


What is the name of sachin wife?


Who is wife of sachin?

Anjali Tendulkar.

What is Sachin Tendulkar's wife's name?

Sachin Tendulkar's wife's name is Anjali.

What is name of sachin wife?

Anjali Tendulkar.

How much older anjali tendulkar from sachin tendulkar?

Anjali Tendulkar is around 6 years older than Sachin. They both married in 1995 and have 2 children.

What is the age of sachin tendulkar wife?

Anjali tendulkar is 46 years old. She is 6 years older than Sachin and they both have 2 children aged 14 and 16.

Is anjali elder than sachin?

Yes Angali is 10 years elder than sachin.

What is Sachin Tendulkar's wife name?

Anjali Tendulkar.

Who is taller Sachin Tendulkar or his wife?

His wife Anjali is taller.

Who is anjali tendulkar?

Anjali tendulkar was born on 10th november 1967 and is paeditrician by profession, in her young ages she fell for sachi tendulkar and they both tied a knot on 25 may 1995 when sachin was just 21 and anjali was 26, 5 years older, now theyy both have two children, sara and arjun

What is Sachin Tendulkar's wife religion?

Anjali Tendulkar's father is a Gujarati Industrialist and mother of British origin. Anjali Tendulkar's religion is Hindu.

Is sachin married?

Yes he is marred to Dr. Anjali and she is 6 years elder to him.

Dob of anjali tendulkar?

Anjali Tendulkar was born on 10 November, 1967. She is a pediatrician and married cricket star Sachin Tendulkar. They have two children Sara and Arjun.

What is sachin tendulkar's age?

Sachin Tendulkar is presently 38