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The colder the ball the less bounce. The warmer the ball the more bouncy it is.

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Q: What is the affect of temperature on a squash ball?
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What pictures can answer the question How does temperature affect the bounce of a ball?

temperature does affect the bounce of a ball!

Does the temperature of the tennis ball affect the air?

The temperature of the ball does not affect the surrounding/outside air, but it does affect the air inside the ball.

Instead of warming up a squash ball by hitting it repeatedly what oven temperature or microwave setting could you use to heat it to an equivalent temperature?

heat the squash ball in an oven for 30minutes at 100 degrees

How can you test the effect of the temperature in squash ball in laboratory?

You can do your science coursework yourself !

Does the temperature affect the bounce of the ball?


Does the temperature affect a bouncing ball?


Why is the sport squash called squash?

The sport is called Squash because when you hit the ball on a solid structure, the ball tends to "squash" on impact.

What chemicals are in a squash ball?

the chemicals of a squash ball is hydrogen chloride and nitrous oxide

What ball sport is boasting part of?


Why do you use a squash ball for squash?

squash is a racket and BALL sport.. so you kind of need a ball to play. its like saying 'why do you need a tennis ball to play tennis?' :) xx

How does the temperature of a soccer ball affect how far you can kick it?

Yes it does affect it cold does not go as far as a heated ball

Does temperature affect the bounce of a rubber ball?

Temperature does not affect the bounce of a rubber ball. Let's say you bounce a rubber ball on the grass. The result will be different then bouncing a rubber ball on a concrete surface. The result is different because you are using a solid, hard surface to bounce the ball with. But the temperature will not affect the bounce of a rubber ball. you can test it out for youself.

Is a squash ball the same as a tennis ball?


Does the temperature of a ball affect the distance traveled?

well...according to my scientific calculations the colder the ball is the harder it will be, this makes it difficult to travel far. Although, the outside temperature of the ball does not affect the inside temperature. This means looks can be decieving.

How does temperature affect a rubber ball?

it makes it not bounce as high

How the temperature of tennis ball affects how high it bounces?

As the ball warms up, it possesses more bounce. Therefore, it bounces higher. Squash balls are the same.

Does the temperature of the golf ball affect the distance it travels?

yeah totally

What colour is the ball in squash?


Is a tennis ball bigger than a squash ball?


Is a Golf ball bigger than squash ball?


How does temperature affect the bounce of a ball?

Probably because if its windy and you try to bounce the ball it will blow away.

How temperature effects squash balls?

The warmer squash balls get, the bouncier they are. you can't play using a cold ball because it won't bounce off the walls and floor very high or well.

How does temperature affect the height that a dropped ball bounces?

When the ball is at a low temperature, the molecules are not flexible and bounce only to a small height. On the other hand, if the ball is warm or at a higher temperature, it will bounce longer heights.

Why does the temperature of a soccer ball affect how far you can kick it?

Because internal pressure of a soccer ball depends on temperature. The rigidity of a ball is higher when temperature is higher. That's why you have to add pressure when it's cold outside.

Is a tennis or squash ball bigger?

The diameter of a tennis ball is 2.63 inches, or 6.7 centimers. A squash ball's diameter is between 39.5 and 40.5 millimeters.