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The primary reason for using a titanium connector is the light weight - using titanium allows the balance point to move closer to the butt.

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Q: What is the advantage to a titanium connector on a pool cue?
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What is a titanium cue stick?

a cue tip

Can you fit a snooker tip in a pool cue?

No. The typical snooker cue tips are much smaller than the typical pool cue tips. So, you can fit a pool cue tip to a snooker cue, but not a snooker cue tip on a pool cue.

What color is the cue ball in pool?

The cue ball is white.The cue ball in pool is white.

How do you cue a pool stick?

A cue is a pool stick. You prepare the cue before a match by shaping and scuffing the tip. Then, the cue tip is chalked with pool chalk.

What is the difference between pool cue and pool stick?

There is no difference, but the proper name is a pool cue.

Where can one purchase pool cue cases?

You can purchase pool cue cases online from the Pooldawg website. Alternatively, you can also get pool cue cases online from the Cue and Case website.

What is pool stick?

the cue

Is there a perfect pool cue?


What is a McCormick pool cue?

It is a McDermott cue, McDermott is the largest manufacturer of pool cues, makes medium to very high quaility cue sticks

What do you call it when you twist chalk onto the tip of a pool cue?

It is called chalking the cue. The pool chalk is an abrasive, not chalk, and provides more frictin between the cue ball and the cue tip.

What is a cue in playing pool?

When playing pool, the cue is the white ball. It is the ball which is hit by the cue stick and used to knock the colored balls into their respective pockets.

What is the diameter of a pool cue?

the answer is 94.1mm

What is a pool cue?

The stick you use when you hit the ball in pool

What do you call a pool stick?

It's a Pool Cue

What are cue cases typically used for?

A cue case is used for a pool cue. It is also used as a bag of sorts, because some come with a handle. It basically keeps the pool cue in good condition.

Can a pool cue shaft be made out of oak wood?

yes I am 99% positive that you can make a pool cue out of oak wood

What is the heaviest in ounces you can buy for a pool cue?

The heaviest a pool cue may be under BCA Rules is 25 ounces, but there is no minimum.

How do you get a moo pool cue?

buy a cow

CUE is associated with billiards and?

Snooker and pool.

What is the thing you hit the pool balls with?

The cue.

What rhymes with pool cue?

School crew

I have a Pool cue with the letter B inside an outlined King Chess piece emblem any idea who made the pool cue?


Does 15 pool balls include the cue ball?

No, in 8 ball and straight pool there are fifteen numbered balls plus the cue ball.

What substance is used on the end of a pool cue?

Leather is used for the cue tip, and pool chalk is used to provide more friction against the cue ball. Pool chalk is an abrasive using materials found in sandpaper. It is not a form of chalk.

In pool may either end of cue be used?

No. If any part of the cue except the tip moves the cue ball it is a foul.