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A fly ball that is caught is an out. For a ground ball, the fielder must field the ball and then make a throw to a base or tag a runner who is off his base to try and get the out.

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Q: What is the advantage of hitting a ground ball instead of a fly ball?
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How do you bounce ball in basketball?

you bounce a ball in basketball by hitting the ball against the ground.

Why cricket ball spins after hitting ground?

because they do

What are 10 examples of contact forces?

Hitting a ball with batwalking on the ground

What is t balling?

When you hit the ball off a tee instead of hitting it from a pitcher.

How do you hit a cricket ball for six?

By hitting the ball over the boundary without the ball touching the ground before hand. If the ball touches the ground before the boundary but goes over it, it scores four.

How not to blade a golf shot?

Try and focus on staying down on the ball, almost imagine you are hitting the ball into the ground, this will compress it and help get the ball in the air.

Your iron shots lack power What are you doing wrong?

You are just not compressing the ball properly, you need to hit the ball first then the ground, essentially hitting the ball into the ground, this is where all the distance and control comes from.

What is a unassisted ground out in baseball?

In baseball, a ground out is an out in which a batter hits a ball on the ground and one of the Infielders catches it before it hits the ground and a ground out can also be an instance of a batter hitting a ball in which an Infielder fields a baseball and then throws to another Infielder in order to record an out as long as the batted baseball was hit on the ground.

If a ball hits the foul pole or the netting inside on a bounce but stays in play is it all you can get or a ground rule double?

no its a dead ball for hitting the foul pole, ground rule double

Who faced more new balls in an innings by virtue of hitting the ball out of ground?

Abhijit Das Chaudhuri

Can a golf ball burn up before hitting ground flying through your atmosphere?

I'm not exactly sure but I think it can be cause if a rock the size of a basketball (a meteor) is falling through the atmosphere it burns up before hitting the ground so i think a golf ball will.

How do you induce a groundball?

You induce the batter into hitting a ground ball by keeping your pitches low. A low pitch is much more difficult to get under-spin on. Under-spin causes the ball to rise when it is hit. Over-spin makes the ball go down toward the ground...inducing a ground ball in many instances.