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The official postal address for the Australian Rugby Union is: PO BOX 115, St. Leonard's NSW 1590, Australia. You can also contact them through the official Australian Rugby Union website, or by phone with the number 1-300-730-870.

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Q: What is the address to the Australian rugby union?
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What is the slang name for the Australian wallaby's rugby union sport?

what is the slang name for the Australian wallabys rugby union sport

Do Wallabies rugby team play union or league?

The Wallabies are the Australian Rugby Union team. The Australian Rugby League team is called the Kangaroos.

Football - Australian Rules Rugby League Rugby Union?

Rugby league

Which team is better Australian nrl or nzl rugby union team?

The New Zealand Rugby Union team is better than the Australian team.

What is the name of the Australian Rugby union team?

The Wallabies

What is the nickname of the south Australian rugby union team?

The South Australian Rugby Union team have the nickname the "Black Falcons"

What animal represents the Australian rugby union team?


When did Australian's start playing rugby?

1864 - The first Australian rugby football club was established at Sydney University. 1874 - The Southern Rugby Union - later changed to New South Wales Rugby Union - is formed at a meeting at the Oxford Hotel in Sydney.

Which Australian sport is the most populist?

Soccer, swimming, cricket, tennis, rugby league and rugby union.

Nationality of Australian rugby union coach?

The current Australian national rugby coach (2008 Tri-nations) is Robbie Deans, a New Zealander.

What Rugby Union Player was known as Campo?

Australian David Campese

What is the shape for a rugby ball?

Oval. A Gilbert football for Rugby Union, a Steeden Football for Rugby League and a Sherrin for Australian Rules Football (AFL).