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TD Banknorth Garden

100 Legends Way

Boston, MA 02114

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Q: What is the address of TD Banknorth Garden?
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What is the name of the of the Boston Celtics arena?

TD North bank Gardens

What is the Celtics' stadium called?

TD Banknorth Garden The Boston Celtics staduim name is The Boston Garden (Whoever doen't believe me, check

What are the many names for the TD Banknorth Garden?

The TD Garden is a multi-purpose arena located in Boston, Massachusetts. It was originally known as the Shawmut Center, and was later called the FleetCenter and the TD Banknorth Garden. It is known locally as the Boston Garden or just The Garden.

Where do the Bruins play when at home?

At the TD Banknorth Garden in Boston.

Boston Celtics Home Stadium?

The TD Garden. The Boston Brewens also practice there.

Does the TD Banknorth Garden have ice under the court year round?

Yes, it does.

When was TD Banknorth created?

TD Banknorth was created in 2004.

When did TD Banknorth end?

TD Banknorth ended in 2008.

What are the release dates for American Builder - 2004 TD Banknorth Garden Bullgang 4-38?

American Builder - 2004 TD Banknorth Garden Bullgang 4-38 was released on: USA: 7 May 2007

How can you get Paul Pierce to sign your card of him?

send a letter to him at the td banknorth garden in Boston

Who owns the TD Banknorth Garden in Boston?

The TD Bank Garden is on Causeway Street in Boston.

Can you bring a camera to a WWE event in the td banknorth garden?

no,they will just say turn it off