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The address for Manchester United is- Old Trafford, 16 Sir Matt Busby Way, Manchester M16 0RA

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Q: What is the address and postcode for Manchester united?
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What is Manchester citys postcode?

If your asking about Manchester City Football Club then this is the full address including Postcode City of Manchester Stadium SportCity Rowsley St Manchester M11 3FF

What is the postcode of Manchester England?

Manchester is the 'M' postal area. So any postcode that begins with 'M', is a Manchester postcode. What follows the M will depend on the postal district, 'sector' of that district, and the unit within that sector.Only those individual units have a full postcode, there's no such thing as a 'postcode for Manchester'.

What is the Manchester united address?

old trafford

What is the postcode of Manchester Airport?

M90 1qx

What is the queens postcode?

what's the Queen's postcode and address

What is Cristiano Ronaldo's address in Manchester?

Manchester United address: Postal address:Sir Matt Busby WayOld TraffordManchester M16 0RA

Address of Manchester united?

Sir Matt Busby Way Old Trafford Manchester M16 0RA

What is the postcode of Manchester Victoria Train Station?

M3 1PB

What is the postcode for Manchester piccadily train station?

M60 7ra

What is the queens address and postcode?


What regine is Manchester 12?

Manchester M12 is the first part of the postcode for many postal areas in Manchester, England. As M12 covers a large area, you need to narrow the search down, either by supplying the missing second part of the postcode, or giving the number and street name, at least. One search I did produced: Manchester postcode including Longsight & Levenshulme.

What is the postcode of Manchester piccadilly train station UK?

M1 2PB

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