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Width: 45~90 metres.

Length: 90~120 metres.

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Q: What is the actual size of a football ground?
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What ground size is there to play football?

12m 10m

Which sport has the largest ground?

Football has a stadium which can fit 9 football pitches 9 full size

Who is the biggest receiver to ever play football in regards to actual size?

Steve smith

What is area of football ground?

It dependa on the size of the field... There is a maximum and a minimum for lenght and width.

Which ground is big cricket ground or football ground?

Officially football ground should be about 100 to 110 meters in length and about 64 to 75 meter wide. And the radius of cricket ground should be minimum 130 meters from boundary to boundary squares the pitch. So, cricket ground is much bigger.

What is correct football ground or the football ground?

hill end football club around the ground

What is a footy ground?

A football ground is an oval shaped ground on which Australian football is played.

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What is the name of the french football ground?

the football ground is called "le terrain de football / le terrain de foot"