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in Canada,earth, milky way

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Q: What is the absolute location of Manitoba Canada?
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Were is the location of Manitoba in Canada?

Manitoba is almost in the centre of Canada.

What us the relative location of Manitoba?

if you mean what is the location of Manitoba, it is centrally located in Canada.

What is the absolute location of nunavut?

it is in Canada

What is the absolute location of the Hudson Bay?


What is the absolute location of Canada?

51 n 88e

Montreal Canada's absolute location?

The absolute location of Montreal Canada is 45.5 degrees north and 73.5667 degrees west. This is a city that is located in Canadaâ??s Quebec province.

What are Manitoba?

Manitoba is a province in Canada

Does Canada connect with Manitoba?

Manitoba is part Canada. There has never been a time since Manitoba was created where it wasn't part of Canada. Manitoba is next to Ontario, which was the western half of the Province of Canada before Confederation, though Manitoba did not exist at the time.

What province is in the middle of Canada?

Manitoba is the middle of Canada. there is a street in Manitoba that is exactally in the middle of Canada

What province is Winnipeg in?

Winnipeg is in, and the capital of Manitoba, Canada.

Where is a location that is 60 degrees north and 100 degrees west?

north America

Where is Lake Manitoba?

Lake Manitoba is in Canada in the Manitoba province. It is the 13th largest lake in Canada. It is 75 km away from Winnipeg.