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Q: What is the abbreviation for recreational vehicle?
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Is RV a scrabble word?

Since RV is an abbreviation for Recreational Vehicle, I believe the answer would be no since Scrabble does not allow abbreviations.

Are cruiser motorcycles considered recreational vehicles?

A recreational vehicle is a camper type vehicle with an engine. A cruiser motorcycle is not a recreational vehicle but a motorcycle.

How do you define a recreational vehicle?

A recreational vehicle is a motor vehicle used for recreational travel by road and is usually a van such as a camper or mobile home.

Can you operate a commercial vehicle without USDOT when pulling a recreational trailer?

No. To be exempt from CMV requirements and regulations, the vehicle must be registered as a recreational vehicle.

What is an RV?

a recreational vehicle.

What is the Recreational Vehicles industry?

The recreational vehicle industry usually refers to manufacturers of recreational vehicles. Common manufacturers in the recreational vehicle industry include Winnebago, Thor Industries, Heartland RV, Excel RV and more.

Where can one rent or apply for a loan of a recreational vehicle?

Wells Fargo and Bank of American both offer loans for purchasing a recreational vehicle. One may also ask their local recreational vehicle dealership if they provide financing.

What is the Difference between motor home and recreational vehicle?

Recreational Vehicle is a wider term and can cover anything from travel trailers that you pull behind a vehicle to motorhomes that you drive. A motorhome usually refers to a recreational that is self contained, can be driven, instead of pulled.

Is a recreational camper trailer considered a vehicle in Florida?

Yes, you must apply for a recreational vehicle license. You must have license plates on the back of your trailer.

What does RV stand for?

It stands for Recreational vehicle.

What different type of sink covers are available for a recreational vehicle?

There are many different types of sink covers available for a recreational vehicle. The most common and most popular are the ones that cover the sink, and look like the countertop. You can find these and other supplies for your recreational vehicle at

What is the abbreviation for recreational?

(i thought it was 'Rec.' might wanna hold for a more definitve answer)

In what type of vehicle is the family riding in the movie RV?

A Recreational Vehicle

What LARV stand for?

Luxury Assault Recreational Vehicle

What does CRV stand for on a Honda CRV?

Civic Recreational Vehicle A.K.A Comfortable Run-About Vehicle

Do you have to have a cdl to drive an air brake recreational vehicle that is over 26000 lb gross vehicle weight in AZ?

Only if you're operating it on a for-hire basis. For personal, recreational use, you do not.

What does CRV stand for on a Honda CR-V?

No, it's not the Japanese abbreviation for SUV...According to literature from Honda UK, CR-V stands for "Compact Recreational Vehicle; the Honda Japan CR-V Factbook and Honda Worldwide states that CR-V stands for "Comfortable Runabout Vehicle." US dealers say it stands for "Civilian Recreational Vehicle".It could also stand for Crossover Recreation Vehicle.compact recreational vehiclei heard it also means crew return vehicle because apparently the crv was originally made for astronauts to return from the space shuttle airstrip back to base.Comfort Recreational VehicleAdded: Actually, Honda has never stated (in advertising, or anywhere else) that the designation CR-V mean anything at all.

Is a recreational camper trailer considered a vehicle?

What state do you live in?

What is the full form for RV?

The full form is Recreational Vehicle.

What does hrv mean on Honda cars?

Honda Recreational Vehicle

How to find the perfect recreational vehicle for my needs?

Well first thing you do is think of what type of recreational vehicle you want and consider what are your needs, also ask your whole family and talk for purchasing what recreational vehicle type you want, after you met all those requirements it's easy for you to choose also try looking for brands you prefer.

How do license a semi truck not for hire pulling a RV?

As a recreational vehicle.

What does RV mean?

RV stands for 'Recreational Vehicle'.

Is RV an word?

No, it's an acronym. It's short for Recreational Vehicle.

Are horse trailers classified as a recreational vehicle?

They are not classified as a vehicle at all. They have no motor so are classified in the trailer group.