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1952 Giants, 4

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Q: What is the World Series record for most runs walked in during one inning?
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What is the MLB record for walks issued in one game by both teams?

The most walks in a single game by both teams is 30, and it happened in both a 9-inning game and an extra inning game. On May 9th, 1916, Detroit walked 18 times and Philadelphia walked 12 times in a 9-inning game. On September 14th, 1971, Washington walked 19 times and Cleveland walked 11 times in a 20-inning game. Washington's 19 walks stands as the drawn in a game by a single team.

Player who walked 13 times during World Series?

Barry Bonds of the Giants against the Angels in the 2002 World Series ... 7 were intentional base on balls.

In the whole baseball league who was walked the most?

Through the 2007 MLB season: The single season MLB record for walks is held by Barry Bonds who was walked 232 times in the 2004 season. The career MLB record for walks is held by Barry Bonds who has been walked 2558 times during his career.

What year Cy Young pitched in the World Series?

1903.Young pitched in 4 games (starting 3) in the 1903 World Series, the first World Series in MLB history, for the Boston Americans (now Red Sox). His record was 2-1 with a 2.08 ERA. In 34 innings, he gave up 31 hits, walked 4, and struckout 17. The Americans defeated the Pittsburgh Pirates, 5 games to 3, to win the 1903 Series.

What player was walked the most in a World Series?

Barry Bonds has the most walks in a single World Series with 13, in 2002.

What is the record for longest distance walked in 24 hours?

American Jesse Casteneda walked 228.930km on the road in Albuquerque 19 Sep 1976.

What was Mark Teixeira's 2009 World Series batting average?

The American League MVP candidate hit only .136 (three hits in 22 at bats) during the six-game series, but he also scored five runs, hit a homer and a double, drove in three runs and walked twice.

Has a dog ever walked on the moon?

Twelve (12) Apollo astronauts landed and walked on the moon during the period 1969 - 1972. Besides those, no other animal has walked on the moon before, during, or since.

How many astronuts walked on the moon with during each appllo moon landing?

According to plan there were 12 astronauts who walked on the moon, and it was during each moon mission that only two astronauts walked on the moon. at a time. with six moon landings.

How many astronauts walked on the moon during each Apollo moon walking mission?

Two astronauts walked on the moon during each of the 6 landings, making 12 in total.

What was arods 2009 mworld series average?

Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez batted .250 (five hits in 20 at bats) during the 2009 World Series. He scored five runs, hit three doubles and a home run, drove in six runs, walked three times, struck out eight times and stole a base.

How many astrounot wakl in the moon during Apollo mission?

During the Apollo mission a total of 12 astronauts walked on the moon. On each trip to the moon 2 astronauts walked on the moon.

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2000 miles is the record. i did not want to erase someone else post. but i just now seen a thing online on AOL home page about the top 10 guiness records and at the end of that story it showed that the guiness world record for longest distance walked on hands was in 1900 Johann hurlinger walked 870 miles from Paris to Vienna in 55 days. so please people check your facts and remember it's only official if there is someone from guiness present at the time it is attempted.

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Tied score you walked and came home from a hit are you the winning run?

Only if it's the 9th inning or later and you play for the home team. If you play for a visiting team, the home team will get a chance to catch up in the bottom of the inning.

Who holds the world record for table tennis?

The record for most laps walked around a table tennis table while bouncing a table tennis ball is 32 laps, according to the Universal Record Database. The record for the most table tennis bounces in 30 seconds is 114 according to the Universal Record Database. The record for the most consecutive table tennis ball bounces using alternate sides of the paddle is 117 according to the Universal Record Database.

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How does an inning in baseball start?

With a pitcher pitching to a batter who is trying to hit the ball and it starts with either him getting out, getting a hit, or getting walked.

Who broke Babe Ruth's record for most walks in a season?

Babe Ruth set the MLB record with 170 walks in 1923. It was broken in 2001 by Barry Bonds who was walked 177 times. Bonds broke his own record in 2002 with 198 walks and again in 2004 with 232 walks.

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2 people walked on the moon in each mission. There were 6 landings so 12 different people walked on it in total.