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Q: What is the WWE wrestler Sandman's Theme song?
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What is WWE wrestler Mr kennedeys theme song?

The WWE wrestler Mr. Kennedy entrance theme is the song Turn Up The Trouble by Airbourne.

What is the WWE wrestler Jack Swagger's theme song?

His theme song is called "Get On Your Knees".

Where can you download WWE wrestler Kane's theme song?

You can download kane's theme song in

Which wwe wrestler's theme song is break the walls down?

Its Chris jericho's theme

What is the song that plays for the WWE wrestler Edge when he walks in?

Edge's theme song is "Metalingus"

Where can you download WWE wrestler batista theme song?

Try iTunes

Maven's theme music?

Former WWE wrestler Maven's entrance theme music is the song Tattoo. Maven's theme song was sung by the group Neomic.

Which WWE wrestler theme song is i won't do what you tell me?

That would be Stone Cold Steve Austins theme son.

What is dolph ziglar's the WWE Wrestler's theme song called?

Here To Show The World (Current)

What is the WWE wrestler Christian's theme song called?

Just Close Your Eyes by Story of the Year.

Who sings the voices randy ortons theme song?

The wrestler Randy Orton's theme song is "Voices" and it is performed by the band Rev Theory. Orton is a professional WWE wrestler who made his debut in 2000. His father and grandfather were also wrestlers.

What is Randy Orton the wrestler's theme song?

Randy Orton's theme song is Voices and it is performed by the rock band Rev Theory. The song also features on the Voices: WWE The Music, Volume 9 album.

Who sings the christian theme song?

If you mean the wrestler then his wwe one is sung by Story of the year and his tna one by Dale Oliver

What is the current WWE Raws theme song?

WWE RAWs theme song is " ...To Be Loved " by Papa Roach.

When did Jeff Hardy release Theme Song?

Jeff Hardy released Theme song in 2007. Jeff Hardy is a famous American wrestler and he is part of the World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment, also known as WWE.

What is WWE theme song?

WWE doesnt hav a theme song but the wrestlers do and RAW/ SMACKDOWN/ECW/WCW does...................................................

What is WWE mvp theme song?

MVP's theme song is i am coming

What is a good theme song for WWE?

It is john cena theme song

Who is the song artist of WWE Diva Eve's theme song?

The theme song for Eve Torres in the WWE is '' She Looks Good '' by Jim Johnston.

What is the WWE diva's theme song in general?

Most of the time WWE use the theme song "Feelin Me" - Kynady Lee

What is WWE wrestler Zack ryders theme song called?

The song is called "Oh radio", and it's a rather funny and kind of pointless song. "Oh radio, tell me everything you know" and so on :)

Who sing WWE wrestler theme songs?

that's up to the superstar/diva they choose the singer or sing themselfs or even write a song and a person to sing it

Who was the fist WWE wrestler?

who was the fist wwe wrestler

Who sings walls of Jericho?

The band Sevendust sings Walls of Jericho. Walls of Jericho is WWE wrestler Chris Jericho's entrance theme song. The song was originally sang by a German band.

What is Chris Masters' WWE theme song?

Chris Masters' WWE theme song is Overdrive composed by Jim Johnston.