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Q: What is the Value of bt99 plus stainless Trap gun?
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What is the value of a Browning BT99 Plus 04081nx669?

Your gun was manufactured in 1993 according to the serial number. They are well made highly sough after shotguns usually valuing between $1500 and $2000 depending on condition.

What is the value of a Browning Citori Plus trap gun?

I bought a Citori Plus, in a combo set, which included a 34" trap barrel and the O/U barrel, plus the case. I bought it new about 8 years ago for $2400. I would think you could get around $1500 for the plus model, non combo set, if it is in very good condition, less if it has been "used".

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A Plus Warehouse makes stainless steel garage work benches.

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Stainless steel is generally shiney and hsla is rusty almost. Plus stainless is non magnetic unless it is type 409

What is the trade in value of a smith and wessen 686 plus 7 shot 6 barrel stainless with houge grips Thinking about tradeing it in at the local gun shop for a auto. The gun has only been shot 9 tim?

Trade in value @ 400 USD.

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What year was Browning ultra plus trap gun 51822NT manufactured?


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Where can you get a browning citori trap plus recoil reducer?

Try Midwest Gun Works

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What is the value of my s and w stainless model 6906 9MM pistol serial number tzp8345 with less than 200 rounds fired but was cleaned after each use?

ABOUT $550, more for tritium night sight model. Box and papers a plus.

How much is a mens rolex 1986 gmt stainless steel worth?

£2100 in mint conditions plus documentation!