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like $239.99 or $599.99

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โˆ™ 2009-03-13 04:02:51
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Q: What is the Value of a joe Montana signed jersey?
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What is the value of a football signed by Joe Montana?

a lot.

What is the value of a signed joe Montana football helmet?


What is the value of 1990 Joe Montana Pro Set?

what is the value of a 1990 Joe Montana pro set pro bowl jersey worth

What is the value of an NFL Football signed by Joe Montana in 1992?


What is value of Wilson football signed by Joe Montana and Jerry Rice?

about $1000

What is the value of a football helmet signed by Joe Montana?

it depends on the condition of the helmet for example is it still intact

The value of Joe Montana rookie starting lineup?

the value of joe Montana rookiestarting lineup

Value of joe dimaggio signed jersey?

Joe DiMaggio Signed JerseyA Joe DiMaggio Signed Jersey is worth about $1,500. - $3,500. Signatures authenticated by companies like Upper Deck will sell at the higher value. Prices will vary based on, the quality of the Jersey signed, home or road jersey, the placement of the signature, front or back, signed on the number or below the logo. The Bulk of the value will be decided by the condition of the signature, the type of authenticity that accompanies the signature, and how well the signature is displayed on the Jersey. Signatures that have not been properly authenticated could sell at half the market value or less.In an October 2008 auction Joe DiMaggio Signed home pinstriped flannel Jersey authentic sold for $2,390.00 another Jersey on April 2009 sold for $3,107.00 (both jerseys had added inscriptions)

What is the value of a bat signed by Joe DiMaggio?

Here is a list of the highest selling prices for Joe DiMaggio signed memorabilia: Baseball- $3,092.51 Bat- $6,158.784 Jersey- $9,003.50 Photo- $2,336.70

Who wears a sports jersey number sixteen?

Joe Montana

Where can one buy a Joe Montana jersey?

To find a Joe Montana jersey you can go to a website called Fans Edge, to find a jersey that is autographed or one that actually belonged to Joe Montana one should look into specialty sports stores or collector stores either locally or online.

What quarterback signed for the first one million contract?

joe montana

What number did Joe Montana wear on his jersey when he played for the 49ers?


What is the value of an autographed Joe Montana picture?


What is the value of a Joe Montana autographed football?


How much is a Dan marino and Joe Montana Upper Deck super bowl showdown 1985 Card?

I would also like to know the value. we have the card signed by both Montana and Marino.

How much is a football signed by Joe Montana and Jerry Rice worth?


What NFL players wore or have worn jersey number 16?

joe montana

How much is a football signed by Jerry Rice joe Montana and Steve young worth?

Now it is worth 4,200 for only Joe Montana so, good for you

What is the value of a signed bat Joe Torre?


What is the value of a topps joe Montana 1990 card?

about $3.25

How much is a Joe Montana signed helmet worth and singed football?

1 dolla!

Who wore number 9 football jersey at notre dame in 1977?

joe Montana

What was Joe Montana's jersey number in Notre Dame?

Joe Montana wore #3 during his time at Note Dame. He attended Notre Dame from 1974 to 1978.

What is the value of Joe Montana 22kt gold rookie and career cards?

Joe montana 22kt gold career and rookie card worth