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1961- 1963 White base Willie Mays Bobble HeadThe 1961- 1963 White base, Baseball series Bobbing Head doll was the first comprehensive series of Major League Baseball bobbing heads. They originally sold for $1.00 each! It included examples from 20 different franchises with several significant variations. The series included nine dolls featuring mascot heads. Also lumped into this series are four dolls of actual players. Mickey Mantle, Roger Maris, Willie Mays and Roberto Clemente. facsimile autograph decal on base. Comes with square or round white base (round base has a different body type). It was originally issued in a picture box. The two variations of the Willie Mays Dolls sell between $450. - $550. A third variation with a gold base as high as $1,500. Add $75. - $100. with the original box.
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Q: What is the Value of Willie Mays 1960 bobble head?
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