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If it's real $50

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I have a 1965 Roberto Clemente 23 karat gold stamp commemorates hit#1711 in the third series of three in a limited edition issuance of his career hits

What’s the value of this stamp?

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Q: What is the Value Babe Ruth Baseball Legends Gold Stamp 23 Karat Pure Yellow Gold?
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How much is an official stamp commemorating the baseball hall of fame member Babe Ruth 23 Karat Pure Yellow Gold worth?

I am curious to find out

What is the value of a 23 karat pure yellow gold Roberto Clemente Hall of Fame stamp?

what is it worth august 24,1963

Does old gold have a stamp to prove karat?


How do you tell what karat gold is?

It is stamped on the jewelry. If there is no stamp it is most likely not gold.

What does a triangle stamp inside of a ring mean?

the stamp shows that the ring is of 14 karat gold piece; to check if it is real or not.

What is the value of a 23 karat pure yellow gold Babe Ruth stamp?

When they came out you could buy them retail for around 30$. Now I see people selling them for around 15$.

750 stamp in a ring means?

The 750 mark is an indication of 18 karat gold.

What does the stamp on the inside of rings mean?

The stamp on the inside of the rings tells you if its 10,14, or 16 karat gold or will give you a number that is a symbol for silver.

What does a KG stamp mean on sterling silver?

The stamp KG on Sterling silver indicates that there is a gold inlay. The KG is an acronym for karat gold.

What does the stamp 565 on a ring mean?

13.5 karat or .565 out of .999 (56.6%) pure gold.

What does a 14 kt stamp mean on a gold ring?

It means the ring you have is 14 karat gold.

What does a c stamp on a gold necklace mean?

it stands for ct or kt which means carat/karat

What number is stamped on 22 karat gold?

How much gold is in a piece of jewelry stamp with 915

What does gold stamp 585 mean?

The 585 stamping means the item is 14KT gold. You can use below formula to convert 3 digit number (on gold stamp) to gold karat (purity): Gold Purity (Karat) = (3 digit no./1000) * 24

What does the stamp on a ring mean?

The stamp on any piece of jewelry made from precious metal should state the metal hallmark and the manufacturer identity/logo. Common metal hallmarks are: 925 - sterling silver 416 or 10k - 10 karat gold 585 or 14k - 14 karat gold 750 or 18k - 18 karat gold

What does a 585 Italy stamp on a chain mean?

In Europe, 585 means the same as 14 karat gold.

How do jewelers stamp gold earrings with 14 karat?

They hammer it in with a molded piece of metal with the "text". Not complicated at all.

What is the value of a 23 karat pure yellow gold Ted Williams Hall of Fame stamp 05238 of 25000?

Couple of dollars if you are lucky. The amount of gold is so small that it would take hundreds of these to get a measurable quantity of gold.

Value of Legends of Baseball Stamp sheets?

Legends of Baseball StampThe Legends of Baseball Stamp sheets have a postage value of $6.60 (20 x .33), and sell in the $5.00-$10.00 price range. Players include: Jackie Robinson, Eddie Collins, Christy Mathewson, Ty Cobb, Roberto Clemente, Walter Johnson, Babe Ruth, Mickey Cochrane, Roger Hornsby, Pie Traynor, Jimmie Foxx, Cy Young, Tris Speaker, Lefty Grove, Lou Gehrig, Dizzy Dean, Josh Gibson, Honus Wagner, and Satchel Paige. Last week on eBay the Legends of Baseball Stamp sheets sold at a low of $3.85, and a high of $11.50 another 4 auctions averaged out to about $7. including one auction that sold for $6.60 and the Stamps were framed.

What does this 14 k stamp mean is it plated 14k thseg?

The 14 k stamp simply means it is a 14 karat gold electroplate and not plated 14 k thg.

What does it mean when jewelry is marked with the stamp gm?

it is probaly the initial of the person who makes the ring...i'm a jeweller and in every ring i make i stamp kb. for the karat of gold it would say 10kt

What is v2010kgf mean on a bracelet?

The 10K GF stands for 10 Karat Gold Filled, while the v20 maybe a manufacturers stamp.

What does the stamp 14 k eg mean?

This is a stamp that you might see on a piece of gold jewelry indicating that the ring is made of 14 karat gold. 14 karats means that it is 14/24 or 7/12 gold, and 5/12 other metals alloyed with the gold. 24 karat gold is pure gold.

What is the value of legends baseball scrapbook and stamp album?

In 1989 the United States Postal Service issued a 20 page baseball Scrapbook and Stamp Album with actual USPS stamps depicting Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Jackie Robinson and Roberto Clemente. The set also included baseball cards. The set complete, and sealed in original wrapping is worth about $10. -$15.

Is the stamp K and KT different for gold jewelry?

No some manufacturers use K and some use KT as abbreviations for karat of gold