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Herbie Husker and Lil' Red are the mascots for the University of Nebraska Cornhuskers.

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Q: What is the University of Nebraska school mascot?
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What is walden universitys school mascot?

what is the mascot of walden university in minneapolis, minnesota.

What is the mascot of Nebraska Football?

Herbie Husker and Lil' Red are the official mascots of the Nebraska Cornhuskers of the University of Nebraska. They can be seen at games entertaining fans.

What college has an antelope as a mascot?

The University of Nebraska at Kearney's mascot is Louie the Loper.The Grand Canyon University also has an antelope as a mascot.Click on the links below for the pictures.Avonworth High School also claims the antelope as its mascot.

What is the school mascot for California state university of monterey bay?

The mascot is a beaver!

What is the mascot for Illinois state university?

Reggie the Redbird is the ISU school mascot.

What is the school mascot of Capella University?

They do not have a mascot, but their colors are purple and old gold.

Is Bellevue University in Nebraska a religious school?

Bellevue University in Nebraska is not a religious school. The school was originally established to provide educational opportunities for working adults.

What are the mascot colors of temple university?

The School's colors are cherry and white as you can see [cherry] on the school's mascot, the owl.

What is the mascot of northern Illinois University?

The Huskies is the school's mascot, the physical mascot's name is Victor E. Huskie.

What is Princeton University's school mascot?


What is Cambridge University's school mascot?


What is the School mascot of Howard University?


Can you get a veterinarian degree at the university of Nebraska?

No, the University of Nebraska does not have an accredited school of veterinary medicine. Colleges in the area with a school of veterinary medicine include Kansas State University, Iowa State University and the University of Minnesota.

How did the university of Michigan get its nickname the wolverines?

The mascot for the University of Michigan is the wolverine. The school adopted this mascot because it is the state animal of Michigan.

What school had the first mascot handsome dan the bulldog?

The first school to have the bulldog mascot by name of "Handsome Dan" was Yale University.

What are some mascots starting with the letter H?

Herbie Husker is the official mascot for sport teams at the University of Nebraska. Hokie Bird is the official mascot for sports teams at Virginia Tech.

What is the official school's mascot of Baylor university?

a bear

What is the University of Santa Barbara's school mascot?


What is school mascot for Florida State University?


What are Fisk university school colors and mascot?

The school colors are gold & blue , i don't no if Fisk has a mascot or not sooo:0(

What is Seton Hall University mascot?

Seton Hall's mascot is the Pirate. The school colors are blue and white.

What is JSU school colors and mascot?

Jackson State University's colors are Blue and White and their mascot is the Tiger.

What is the mascot for South Dakota State University?

South Dakota State University (SDSU), located in Brookings, SD, has the Jackrabbit as its school mascot. The mascot's official name, selected in 2011, is "Jack."

What is Stanford University's school mascot?

Stanford Tree (unofficial)

What is the school mascot for University of North Texas?

Scrappy the Eagle