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Through the 2008 season, Michigan and Oklahoma have met once in football, that being the 1976 Orange Bowl. Oklahoma won that game 14-6.

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3-0 Michigan

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Q: What is the University of Michigan vs the University of Alabama's record in football?
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What was the University of Michigan's football record in the 2011-2012 season?

The University of Michigan went 11-2.

What is the university of Michigan win-loss record against university of Wisconsin football teams?


What is the football series record for university of Michigan versus notre dame?

Michigan holds a 23-16-1 record against Notre Dame

What is the series record between Central Michigan University and Western Michigan University in football?

Through the 2010 season, Western Michigan leads the all time series 43-37-2.

What is the win-loss record between the University of Florida and the university of Michigan?

Michigan and Florida have met twice in football. In the 2003 Outback Bowl, Michigan defeated Florida 38-30 and in the 2008 Capital One Bowl, Michigan defeated Florida 41-35.

Football coach university of Michigan 1968?

Bump Elliott. Elliott was the head coach at Michigan between 1959-1968. His 10 season record was 51-42-2.

Who has a better football record over the past thirty years Ohio state or Michigan?

michigan has the better record

What is the current record for Michigan vs Michigan state in football?

Michigan leads 34-20-2

What is the record between University of Michigan and University of Alabama?


What is the all time record for Michigan state vs central Michigan in football?

4-3 in favor of Michigan State.

What is the win loss record for Michigan state vs Michigan football?

67-28-5 UofM

Which team has the best record in college football?

The Michigan Wolverines have the best record of any school in all divisions of college football history.