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Try ebay, a collector or sports memoribilia auction and see.

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Q: What is the Tiger Woods stamp set worth?
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What goals did Tiger Woods set?

to be a better person

Who set the golfing record in 2001?

Tiger Woods

How much is a Jedda stamp worth?

A "Jedda" stamp was part of a set of five 45 cent stamps celebrating the Centenary of Cinema in Australia. A Mint UnHinged (MUH) stamp on its own would be worth about $3 AUD, the set of five MUH would be about $15 AUD.

Has Tiger Woods set the record for the most majors won in the history of golf?

No, he still trails Jack Nicklaus who has 18 major wins. Tiger only has 14.

How rich is Tiger Woods?

Forbes estimates he will be a billionaire in 2010. he currently has $945million and is set to earn an estimated $300million in 2010

Is a set of MacGregor Tourney 83TW Louise Suggs woods and irons worth anything?


How super rich is Tiger Woods?

Forbes estimates he will be a billionaire in 2010. he currently has $945million and is set to earn an estimated $300million in 2010

Whom did target corporation launch a program called start something to guide students to set life goals?

tiger woods

How much XP is needed to get drivers in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14?

Drivers in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 cost XP in order to unlock these clubs. With that in mind, each club comes with a set XP in order to unlock that particular one.

Does Tiger Woods have a salary?

He would not have a salary as such, he would have set incomes from sponsors etc and appearance fees. In 2007 he earned around $120 million.

What an electric auto 1917 us 17c postage stamp worth?

The stamp is not from 1917. The Electric auto pictured on the stamp is from 1917. This is part of the Transportation set and you can pick up a used copy for about 20 cents.

Tiger Woods or Michael Jordan - who's the richest?

There are some things to consider when answering the question as to who is worth more - Tiger Woods or Michael Jordan - as Michael Jordan has already gone through an expensive divorce and has had time to financially recover, while Tiger Woods wife has recently (2010) filed for what will prove to be an expensive divorce. Tiger Woods has also lost a great deal of money in endorsements, and it is expected he will not regain. Michael Jordan's net worth is currently estimated at $500 million, after his expensive divorce settlement. Even today, though he has not won a championship in over a decade he still earns over $40 million a year through endorsements. During his playing days Mike set sport records by earning over $30 million annually from the Bulls. He is a part owner of the Charlotte Bobcats NBA franchise. After it's all said and done, Michael Jordan has the greater net worth.

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