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It is called a deuce.

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Q: What is the Term for a tie in tennis?
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Tennis tie breaker?

7 points? 10 points if your doing a championship tie break.

How do you solve triple tie in tennis?

there should not be a tie in tennis. If you are playing a six game set and get to 6-6, or an eight game set and get to 8-8, then you go to a tiebreaker

What year was the tie break introduced in tennis?


What is a tie in tennis called?

im assuming by tie, you mean 40-40. in that case, it is called a "deuce"

Where does term Let in tennis derive from?

the term let in tennis is short for let it go

How call to 40-40 tie score in tennis?


When does a tie-break occur in a game of tennis?

At 6 all in a set, then you play a 7-point-tie break. Sometimes, you play a 10-point-tie break in the lieu of the third set... it depends. To improve on this answer I have played tennis for years so in a set you play a tie breaker in a 5 all set

What is the medical term meaning tennis elbow?

The medical term for "tennis elbow" is lateral epicondylitis.

How often do players change ends during a tennis tie-breaker?

Tennis players change ends after every six points during a tie-breaker. Refer to the USTA link, below, for further information.

When does a tie break occur in a game of tennis?

A Tie break occurs at 6-6. There is no tie break in the final set of the grand slam events.

What are periods of play without a break in tennis called?

tie break

What is a deuce in tennis?

if the players are on a tie at any number that is called deuce

What is played if the score at the end of a tennis set is tied?

a tie breaker!

In tennis what is a tie-break?

It is the last resort to see who wins that "game"

French word for 'out' in tennis?

The referees use the term 'faute' (fault) or the English term 'out' in French tennis.

Which sport uses the term deuce?

The typical sport that uses the term, "deuce", is Tennis or Table Tennis.

The term double fault is associated with?

Table tennis, or Lawn Tennis

Who serves first after a tie breaker in tennis?

The person who serves the first point of the tie breaker will be the receiver in the first game of the next set. R

What is the difference between a rubber and a tie in Davis Cup tennis?

a tie is the entire weekedns matches and a rubber is 1 of the matches played over that weekend

What term is used in Tennis for the points 40-40 each?

For the points 40-40 each, the term used in Tennis is 'deuce'.

Something you wear starting with letter T?

Tie, T-shirt, tennis shoes

What is the common term for the tennis ailment lateral humeral epicondylitis?

Tennis Elbow.

What is the medical term meaning tongue-tie?

Ankyloglossia is the medical term meaning tongue-tie, or shortened tongue due to the position of the frenulum.

Is it possible to verse your sibling in Wimbledon tennis?

Since there is no tennis term "verse," it is not possible to verse your sibling in Wimbledon tennis.

What does the term butterfly mean in regards to the sport of table tennis?

The term, "Butterfly", in regards to the sport of table tennis is the worlds most popular manufacturer of table tennis equipment. The Butterfly company makes paddles, nets, balls and table tennis tables.