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Lightnin' Strikes Again - Dokken

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Q: What is the Tampa Bay Lightning song when they enter the ice after the first intermission?
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Who was the first GM of the Tampa Bay Lightning?

That would be Phil Esposito, who was GM from 92-98.

What was manon rheaume first NHL team?

Manon Rhéaume signed a contract with the Tampa Bay Lightning in 1992.

Who was the first team MN wild beat?

The Wild defeated the Tampa Bay Lightning 6-5 on October 18, 2000 for the franchise's first ever win

Who did the Philadalphia Flyers draft in the first round of the 2005 NHL draft?

Steve Downie...who was an undisciplined bum. He now plays on the Tampa Bay Lightning.

When is first intermission in hockey?

After the first period of play (20 minutes) is concluded.

What was significant about Manon Rheaume playing goaltender for the Lightning in 1993?

Manon Rhéaume was the first (and only) female player to play in an NHL game. She played in two exhibition games for the Tampa Bay Lightning - one in 1992, and another in 1993.

Who was the first woman to play in an NHL hockey game?

Manon Rheaume played in an exhibition game for the Tampa Bay Lightning vs. the St. Louis Blues in 1992.

What year did the Tampa Bay Lightning win the Stanley Cup?

Yes. They won their first Stanley Cup in 2004.

What year did Nashville join the NHL?

The Predators first season in the NHL was 1998-99.

Who was the first female to play in a NHL game and what position and team did she play on?

Manon Rheaume. On September 23rd, 1992, she goaltended for the Tampa Bay Lightning in a preseason game against the St. Louis Blues.

What is the stressed syllable in lightning?

The stressed syllable in "lightning" is the first syllable, "light."

How did the City of Tampa get its name?

There is some dispute as to the origin and meaning of the name "Tampa". It is believed to mean "sticks of fire" in the language of the Calusa, a Native American tribe that once lived in the area. Other historians claim the name refers to "the place to gather sticks". "Sticks of fire" may also relate to the high concentration of lightning strikes that Tampa Bay receives every year during the hot and wet summer months. Toponymist George R. Stewart writes that the name was the result of a miscommunication between the Spanish and the Indians, the Indian word being "itimpi", meaning simply "near it". The name first appears in the memoir of Hernando de Escalante Fontaneda, who had spent 17 years as a Calusa captive. He refers to it as "Tanpa" and describes it as an "important Calusa town", while "Tanpa" may be the basis for the modern name, Tampa.